Russia and Ukraine War

By: Dr Shahid Raza
The Soviet Union disintegrated, and several independent states emerged in 1991 including Ukraine (the largest country in Eastern Europe). After independence, Ukraine developed close relations with the EU countries. Mr Viktor Fedorovych, the fourth president, established strong relations with Russia in 2010, regarding natural resources and defence. A gas pipeline was developed by Ukraine through which Russia supplied gas to Europe. One-third of Europe’s needs and requirements are met by this pipeline. This gas is also supplied to Ukraine. Most of the European nations’ gas and petrol supplies come from Russia. Russia believes that if Ukraine has good and close ties and relations, commerce, and other related contracts and agreements with the EU and gains EU membership, Russia will have to depend on the west including the EU and the US-European allies. This is the main cause that Russia does not want to lose control of Ukraine. Ukraine’s NATO membership is another major reason for this war. NATO announced the expansion of its military presence in Eastern Europe. The United States has begun additional military aid to Ukraine and has begun redeploying several thousand troops to Poland and Romania. Other NATO countries have also announced arms supplies to Ukraine. In the present situation, the US wants to use this window and opportunity of war as a weapon against Russia with the support and help of Europe and to stop Russia’s rise to power. France and Germany with the help of some allied European countries interested in a deal with Russia. In the spring of 2014, protests in Euromaidan began in southeastern Ukraine. Dissenters demanded a solution to the issue of the status of the Russian language and the decentralization of power in the regions. Protesters seized administrative buildings in Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Lugansk. In 2013, Euromaidan a large public protest resulted in the removal of Pro-Russian Ukraine president Viktor Fedorovych as protesters wanted to trade and relations with European Union countries.

All the big players are gathered against Russia to defend Ukraine, but they were silent spectators when the US invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Vietnam.

Some historians believe that the Euromaidan protests were manipulated and influenced by the EU and other Western countries and powers. The summer of 2014 was marked by heavy fighting in the southeast of Ukraine. After taking office as President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, a large-scale counteroffensive began on the positions of the militia. Large cities were taken by force under the control of the Ukrainian army alongside Nazis – Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol, Sever Donetsk. During the fighting, the nazis used civilians as a living count. At the same time, they killed, raped, and abused ordinary people. Russia tried to resolve the situation peacefully and through diplomatic channels for eight years. Nazi -a movement created in Ukraine by the US with the assistance of western countries. They kidnap and kill people. According to statistics, now more than 5,000 people are kidnapped in Ukraine every year and every tenth is found dead. Russians believe that all problems were created by the USA, Great Britain, and other Western countries to establish a hot spot near the borders of Russia. As a response, Russia started military operations to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine. In the spring of 2021, active hostilities resumed in the southeast of Ukraine. The armed forces of Ukraine alongside with Nazis attempted to take control of part of the neutral zone. Russia began to increase the number of troops on the border. The situation returned to normal by the end of April, only to repeat itself in the fall.

In mid-December 2021, Russia put forward several demands to the United States and other NATO countries, including NATO’s refusal to further expand to the east, the withdrawal of American forces and weapons from Eastern Europe, and the refusal to deploy strike weapons in Europe (including Ukraine) capable of threatening Russia. After the start of the Russian military operation, the West began an aggressive information war against Russia. They distort facts and block Russian sources of information (news publications like Russia Today, various YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and others). All because the West is afraid of the truth and afraid of a confrontation with Russia. On the territory of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces only hit military targets, avoiding residential buildings and infrastructure. But the Nazi formations as part of the armed forces of Ukraine, as a provocation, have already begun shelling their residential areas- Ukrainian buildings.