FIFA has shared the inspiring tale of Pakistan’s footballer, Abiha Haider.

Ch. Muhammad Natiq,
Islamabad-born Abiha is one of the youngest footballers to represent Pakistan as she joined the national team at the age of just 13.

In a documentary by FIFA, Pakistan’s Abiha Haider has been featured as an inspiration to many. Abiha followed her passion despite hindrances in her path due to the lack of opportunities for women in sports.

Young Abiha found her peace on the field of football and soon it turned into the mission of her life. Abiha got a national call at the age of 13 becoming one of the youngest football players for Pakistan.

So far, she has represented Pakistan in many other global events. While Abiha sees football as her platform for presenting Pakistani women as strong athletes, she also considers all the female footballers as one global unit. For her, football is ‘family’.

Abiha Haider currently runs a football academy where she provides coaching to young girls, motivating them to follow their dreams in the field of football. Abiha Haider is the epitome of resilience and courage.

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