Formation of RCA Disciplinary Committee

Report by: Atif Amin, RCA Media Coordinator
RCA was formed in the Year 1980 for organizing and promoting cricketing activities in Riyadh and the Central Region in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its formation, it has been successful in bringing cricket as a game of sport among the Saudis and Expatriates working in the region. Cricket has greatly benefited under the patronage of RCA Patron in Chief HRH General Dr. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. RCA is also an affiliated member of the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation (SACF) and works efficiently under the astute leadership of CEO Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Babar, a former first-class cricketer and captain of the Saudi National cricket team.

RCA CEO Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Babar after consultation with the Executive Committee has decided to form a Disciplinary Committee for the overall improvement of cricket in general and discipline in particular.  The decision was approved by Patron-in-Chief Prince General Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The Disciplinary Committee will be the body that will hear disciplinary cases in RCA. When charges will be brought against the individual(s) and/or teams, cases will progress through the Disciplinary Committee according to RCA rules and regulations.

The Disciplinary Committee of RCA will be formed as follows
Mr. Nasir Abbasi, Senior Vice President                                                                 Chairman
Mr. Ishfaq Bhat, Joint Secretary RCA                                                                      Coordinator
Mr. Atif Amin, Media Coordinator/Manager Umpiring Technical RCA      Coordinator
Mr. Muhammad Akram                                                                                                  Member

The Disciplinary Committee shall carry out the following tasks

  1. Enforce RCA rules and regulations during all matches.
  2. To provide an efficient, speedy and fair system of dealing with alleged breaches.
  3. Investigate any matter which may constitute a breach of the RCA’s Rules and Regulations.
  4. Impose any one or more of the sanctions expressly prescribed in the RCA’s rules and regulations. Which include
  5. Caution as to future conduct
  6. Reprimand
  • Unlimited fine
  1. Suspension of eligibility to play in any match(es) or for any fixed period
  2. Suspension of eligibility for selection to play for England in any match(es) or for any fixed period
  3. The suspension (for any period) or termination of registration

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