Former Advisor to CM Punjab Azhar Waraich Hosted Dinner for Pakistani Community in Jeddah.

Report: Muhammad Adeel
A dinner was given in honour of the community members by Azhar Waraich, a former adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab on Overseas Pakistanis, in which Consul General Khalid Majeed also participated.

At the dinner ceremony in Jeddah, Azhar Waraich, the former advisor for overseas Pakistanis, welcomed the participants and said that to get out of the economic crisis that Pakistan is suffering from, we have to work together to improve the situation. Pakistan is our identity.

On this occasion, Consul General Khalid Majeed said that the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia is playing a very active and dynamic role and promotes Pakistan-Saudi relations, and actively participates in social and welfare activities. At the reception, he further tributed to the community members for organizing such a beautiful evening for Pakistanis. “The Consulate of Pakistan continues to make every possible effort to guide its workers including solving their issues & problems” He added.

At the dinner, Chaudhry Akram and others also said that thanks to the mutual coordination between the Consulate and the Community, it is possible to solve many problems, but they also play an active role in other activities and also thanked for the arrival of other guests.


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