Future of Business in Pakistan in light of current economic crises: Radio Interview.

by: TN Media News:
On 23rd May, 2023, Mr. Kashif Choudhary, President Markazi Tanzeem E Tajaran and Pakistan Business Forum was invited to live radio interview in program “Dialogue with Experts” hosted by Advocate Zaildar Ahsan Shah on FM 101, Radio Pakistan.

The topic of discussion was ‘Future of Business in Pakistan in light of current economic crises where Mr. Kashif Choudhary elaborated about the role his organization Markazi Tanzeem E Tajaran and Pakistan Business Forum, their role in development of our country.

He said that, all Business Associations, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, small and big traders come under the jurisdiction of Markazi Tanzeem E Tajaran. The organizational goal is to promote trade in and across Pakistan by working on different sectors for business at national and international level.

He stated that, Federal and Provincial Administrations play important role in development of these sectors and they must ensure protection of rights of businessmen and traders in the country.

He discussed about his career journey as an entrepreneur and his expertise in business. He said, Pakistan Business Forum aims at developing friendly relations of cooperation with Regional countries especially enhancing trade with Muslim countries.

This will promote trade and business opportunities in these countries and increase connectivity. International Business Forum and Pakistan Business forum are collaborating with each other for business development. This is also increasing networking with international multinational companies and business groups.

The cooperation will take Pakistan out of the current crises situation. The economic crises faced by Pakistan includes inflation, debt crises, IMF loans, currency devaluation which are needed to be addressed in time.

In this situation, our Political Parties and Stakeholders, apart from political differences must join hands for a solution to take Pakistan out of Economic Crises. They should work with proper planning and work on different sectors.

Long term policies must be adopted for agricultural management, industrialization, taxation, road infrastructure, tourism opportunities, livestock, dairy and fishery. Information technology and software houses should be developed and women should also play active role in these sectors.

He said that the organization is working on many sectors in the country that are food, minerals and mining, travel and trade, explore tourism and Real Estate Sector.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah acknowledged the work of Mr. Kashif Choudhary for the growth of the country. He encouraged young people that by working on these sectors Pakistan can develop into a prosperous state.


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