It is with great pleasure I would like to bring to the notice of our Cricket enthusiasts of the City of Jeddah and our esteemed Member clubs that the hectic and major maintenance work taken up by the WPCA Ground Committee following the Rain Havoc in Jeddah on November 24, 2022, has almost come to end and the Grounds will be ready for the matches on Friday, December 9, 2022.

The Maintenance work started as usual but then the Water logging on grounds # 2 and # 5 and Pathetic ground conditions on grounds # 3, Ground # 9, and Ground # 6 were reasons for extended maintenance work. The head of the maintenance Committee, Mr. Sohail Shah who was supervising the work along with Mr. Zubair Sunasra and Mr. Khaleel Dawre, for the last 4 days has informed yesterday in the WPCA Executive Council meeting that the Grounds should be ready for action on the coming Friday.

Some other cosmetic pitch works including the painting etc will be carried out next week as WPCA has given now priority to the Games to start after 2 weeks of forced stoppage.

Considering the assurances from the ground maintenance Committee the WPCA Executive Committee and WPCA Executive Council have issued instructions to the Tournament Organizing Committee to start the matches from December 9, 2022, at all Levels with the WEEK 1 matches as per the one-week schedule sent earlier with some minor changes.

1. There are no changes in the Morning session and all 9 matches Scheduled earlier for 25.11.2022 will take place on 09.12.2022.                                                   2. Slight change in the Afternoon session has been affected as Group “A” in the Afternoon session will now have 4 teams due to the Withdrawal of “MUSTAFA CC”. Group A will have now 2 “BYES” and the teams in Group A will be Nesma airlines, Timex Lothers, Fuchs Al Hamrani and Hyderabad Sharks. Group B and Group C will have no changes and are consisting of 6 teams each as decided through Draws on November 22, 2022.
3. Most important news about the “CRAZY CRICKET TOURNEY”,  the new tournament will be sponsored by “FTL” thanks to Mr. Nadeem Saad Nadwi, who is kind enough to help out WPCA at this juncture. Mr. Nadeem Saad, a well-known Jeddah and Yanbu Cricketer and a Saudi Businessman are well known here. He is the Skipper of “Al SAUDI XI” playing in WPCA in the Morning prime Group in NCC. Mr. Nadeem Saad a Successful Cricketer has represented and led Saudi Cricket Team. He is a Level 2 International Umpire as well.  We profusely thank Mr. Nadeem Saad for his kind gesture for the Development of the Game. The details about the Sponsorship and its contribution to the Tourney will be known in due course before the Tournament kicks off on December 9, 2022.
4. The tournament henceforth will be called “FTL-CCT”.
5.  The Format of the tournament remains the same as explained during the Draws Meeting.
6. Any further details can be had from the WPCA Executive Committee Members.