GISPP Members Annual Forum 2023, held in Pakistan Embassy Riyadh Saudi Arabia

by: TN Media News Riyadh:
We are delighted to share the wonderful news of our recently concluded GISPP Members Annual Forum 2023, which took place yesterday with the grace of Almighty.

The First GISPP Annual Members Forum event was a tremendous success, with 140+ Members in attendance and we owe it all to the unwavering support and participation from individuals.

During the forum, we had a packed agenda that aimed to provide valuable insights into the future plans of GISPP, as well as tackle pressing topics related to privacy and cybersecurity.

One of the highlights of the event was our speaker sessions. Muneeb Imran Shaikh, delivered an engaging talk on “Upholding Privacy in the Age of Data,” shedding light on strategies to protect sensitive information in today’s data-driven world.

Syed Sajjad Bukhari then took center stage with his session on “Cybersecurity Regulatory Canvas – KSA,” providing valuable insights into navigating cybersecurity regulations in Saudi Arabia. 

We were honored to have esteemed industry experts as our panelists, including M.Waleed Khaliq, Suhail Akhtar , Majid Bin Moiz Uddin and , Muhammad Ghazali .

The session was skillfully moderated by Imran Hashim who guided the discussion towards uncovering key opportunities around of Saudi information security regulations for Pakistani Professionals.

During the event, we were delighted to witness a remarkable moment when HE Ahmad Farooq graciously distributed Shields as tokens of appreciation to all the speakers and panelists. Furthermore, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the inspiring speech that HE Ahmad Farooq delivered.

His words resonated deeply with the vision of GISPP goals and objectives. The wisdom shared by Mr. Ahmad Farooq added immense value to the overall experience.

A special shout-out goes to our incredible speakers and panelists who generously shared their knowledge and expertise with us. Last but not least, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the ECOVIS Saudi Arabia (ECOVIS AL SABTI) Team.

Your unwavering support and tireless efforts in organizing every aspect of the event was invaluable. From logistics to coordination, you ensured that everything ran smoothly, allowing us all to focus on learning and networking. 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Embassy of Pakistan Riyadh, KSA team for providing us with the opportunity to host our event at their prestigious venue.

This remarkable location has truly added a touch of elegance and sophistication to our gathering, creating an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on all participants.

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