Fear of power outages and disruption of mobile networks in Europe.

After reports of internet and mobile phone load-shedding in Pakistan, mobile phone networks are likely to be disrupted due to power outages in Europe this winter. According to the Reuters news agency, in the context of the Ukraine conflict, Russia’s decision to stop the supply of gas through Europe’s main supply route has increased the possibility of power outages.

The situation has been exacerbated by the shutdown of several nuclear plants in France for maintenance work. Telecom industry officials say they fear the extreme cold will strain telecoms infrastructure. Companies and governments will try to minimize the effects of power outages.

Four telecom industry executives have said that many European countries currently do not have adequate power backup systems that could cause mobile phone outages. European countries, including France, Sweden and Germany, are trying not to disrupt communications due to power outages. It should be noted that a power outage can drain the power in the backup battery installed on the antenna of the mobile phone.

There are about 500,000 telecom towers in Europe, and most have battery backup and mobile antennas that last about 30 minutes.
Two sources familiar with the matter said that French electricity distribution company Enides has proposed two hours of load shedding in the worst-case scenario. Mobile phone company telcos have expressed their concerns to the governments of Sweden and Germany over possible power outages.

Swedish telecom operator PTS is working with other telecom operators and government agencies to resolve the problem of power outages.
Deutsche Telekom has 33,000 mobile radio towers in Germany and only a few towers can be backed up by its mobile emergency power system.
According to Lisa Bello, president of the French Federation of Telecoms (FFT), there are about 62,000 mobile towers in France and the industry cannot afford to replace all antennas with new batteries.

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