GROHE’s Euro smart line: an innovative and future-proof hit in the Kingdom

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It has been over 20 years since GROHE released its first Euro smart bathroom faucet, launching a product line that quickly turned into an undisputed hit with consumers – the favorite product choice for forward-thinking professionals for bathrooms and kitchens. From the very start, the Euro smart product line has been growing and adapting to the changing requirements of the modern day, and in 2021, GROHE reinvented this all-time classic, adding a contemporary design with future-ready functions in mind.
On his end, Jonas Brennwald, Leader of LIXIL EMENA and Co-CEO of GROHE AG said, “Euro smart is the perfect proof that innovation is not limited to new lines. Innovating in a relevant way also means reinventing core products. Only through human-centric solutions can we create better homes.”
With a focus on versatility and purpose-driven functionality, the Euro smart product line is made with the consumer, and their daily needs, in mind. With different variants introduced to the product line, Euro smart offers a human-eccentric design approach that matches the different lifestyles and life-stages of its users.

Human-Centric Designs for a Future-Ready Lifestyle
GROHE has constantly ensured that its Euro smart portfolio grows and adapts to society’s changing needs and requirements. In a world filled with diverse lifestyles and needs, Euro smart offers comfort, support, reliability, and safety.

The Euro smart Hybrid
The current global health crisis has caused the world to stop and reassess global hygiene standards. As a line dedicated to purpose-driven innovation, the Euro smart portfolio was updated with a hybrid variant that combines both touchless and manual operations for a more hygiene-enhancing experience.
Users have the choice between utilizing the manual lever or activating the water flow using the integrated sensor, actively combating cross-contamination and the spread of germs. For generational households like in Saudi Arabia, this optimizes conditions in both the bathrooms and the kitchen, keeping the health and safety of the household a top priority during your daily washing and cooking routines.

Lever Variants
To maintain a portfolio of purpose-driven products, the Euro smart line is carried out with dedicated use cases in mind. When it comes to the levers, it’s all in the variants. The Euro smart Loop lever has a cut-out center that simplifies gripping, making it the perfect variant for households with seniors and people with mobility problems as it improves mobility decreases the risks of injury. The health sector variant comes with an extra-long lever to offer doctors control of the faucet with their elbows without having to risk contamination. Finally, the pull-out spout variants offer flexibility and extra comfort that suit all lifestyles – whether it’s for more mobility and accessibility in the bathroom for children, the elderly, or users with mobility problems, or for a more flexible and comfortable experience in the kitchen.

Safe Stop Technology
For households with children or elderly people, the Euro smart line offers its new Safe Stop technology to protect users against scalding water. The Euro smart Safe Stop feature provides effective thermostatic protection by limiting how hot the water temperature can get. A pre-adjustable feature, it ensures the water temperature remains constant and effectively shuts off the hot water if the cold-water supply fails.

Sustainability in Technology
GROHE’s Euro smart line supports consumers’ efforts to live a more sustainable life, integrating water and energy-saving technologies to meet this demand. As Saudi Arabia moves forward with Vision 2030, sustainability is a growing priority for Saudi households, and GROHE’s Euro smart line is ready to embrace that growing demand. An example of the Euro smart sustainability features is the GROHE Eco Joy, which reduces water flow while enriching the water with air.
This guarantees the perfect water flow – for both your shower and your kitchen sink – while saving up on valuable resources, catering to the sustainability needs of eco-conscious consumers. Other sustainable features include the GROHE Silk Move, an energy-saving feature that allows cold water to flow at mid-lever position, reducing the energy needed for water flow.

Fast Fixation Plus – Zero Technology
With Fast Fixation Plus, GROHE’s Euro smart kitchen come with hassle-free installation laid out in simple, easy to follow steps. This quick assembly system cuts fitting time by 70%, bringing efficiency and comfort to all installations to a line of products that offer a holistic and future-ready approach to the heart of every home – the kitchen.

Euro smart in Saudi Arabia
In accordance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 – and its direction towards opening opportunities for foreign investors to grow, thrive, and help transform Riyadh into one of the most competitive cities in the world – GROHE entered the Saudi market to bring its innovation and future-ready products to an ambitious and future-thinking base. With more and more Saudis gravitating towards sustainability in the household, the overarching directive towards a carbon neutral Saudi Arabia by 2060 and the growing number of sustainable homes being built across the Kingdom, the Euro smart line is the innovative, future-proof, sustainable choice for all.

Through its diverse portfolio, the Euro smart line offers comfort, flexibility, safety and elegance to bathrooms and kitchens across the Kingdom, with a human-eccentric approach that complements every lifestyle.
GROHE Euro smart; Ultimate comfort from every angle.

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