Imam-ul-Haq reflects on challenges and voices confidence for upcoming Afghanistan face-off in World Cup 2023.

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan: Imam-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s opening batsman, addressed the media in a press conference on Monday, leading up to their crucial ICC World Cup 2023 match against Afghanistan in Chennai.

The left-handed batsman candidly discussed Pakistan’s recent challenges in the tournament, especially their difficulty in converting good starts into substantial scores.

“When chasing a target of 367, risks are inevitable. It’s true that we haven’t been playing our best, especially in the last two games. However, after reviewing our performances, I assure you’ll witness a rejuvenated team tomorrow against Afghanistan,” remarked Imam.

While acknowledging that back-to-back losses can dampen team spirit, Imam emphasized the camaraderie and unwavering support within the squad.

“It’s natural to feel disheartened after consecutive defeats, but our bond is strong. The management supports us wholeheartedly, and we believe a win against Afghanistan can set us back on the right path. We’ve discussed our failure to transform scores in the 70s and 80s into centuries with our coach,” he elaborated.

Responding to concerns over bowlers leaking runs, Imam pointed out that this wasn’t a challenge unique to Pakistan.

“It’s not just our bowlers; others are conceding runs too. For instance, Shaheen delivered an impressive performance against Australia,” he noted.

Imam also took a moment to reminisce about Pakistan’s victory in a three-match ODI series against Afghanistan in Sri Lanka, leading up to the Asia Cup 2023. This triumph saw Pakistan crowned the top ODI team for the first time.

“We overcame Afghanistan in spin-friendly conditions in Hambantota. Our past success in Chennai fuels our optimism. However, the captain will make the final call on the team composition. With a calculated approach initially, I believe we have the potential to post a total of around 350,” he concluded.


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