Imtiaz and Manik Celebrates the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan.

By Shaheen Javed.
Well-known social workers Imtiaz Ahmed and Manik Shangwani organized an event to mark the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Imtiaz Ahmed and Shaheen Javed conducted the ceremony in the best manner. Chief Guest Sohail Babar Waraich, welfare Attaché at the Embassy of Pakistan Fayyaz Khan, Tauseef Khawar and other officers of the Embassy of Pakistan, also attended the ceremony. Members of the Pakistani community including men, women and children joined in to celebrate Pakistan’s national day.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Abdul Rehman. While addressing the ceremony the Chief Guest Sohail Babar Waraich, welfare Attaché at the Embassy of Pakistan said Pakistan was established in the name of Islam under the two-nation theory. The aim to make the country a complete welfare state of Pakistan is the realization of a dream for which millions of Muslims have struggled and sacrificed for its development and prosperity.

Speaking at the ceremony, Imtiaz Ahmed, Manik Shangwani, Fatimah Shangwani, Syed Adnan Ali, Hafiz Abdul Waheed, Tasneem Amjad, Ahsan Abbasi, Mubashir Anwar and other speakers expressed their views and said that Pakistan is a great country. Its people have always overcome the challenges they face beyond their capabilities.

Overseas Pakistanis living all over the world including Saudi Arabia have sacrificed for the better stability of the country. We have to work for Pakistan by following the thoughts of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Unity, Faith and Discipline so that we can stand among the developing countries. At the event, Nader Bhatti, Nada, Bushra, Bazigha Rohail and Sama presented national songs in their beautiful style and received appreciation from the audience.

At the end of the program, a cake was cut for the 75th Independence Day.

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