Khaled Maeena addressed NED Engineers of Canada and met with the delegation of PRC.

Toronto: (Syed Ehsan ul Haque) Renowned Saudi writer, intellectual Khaled Almaeena, graduated from Karachi University and holding Sitara-e-Imtiaz Pakistan’s prestigious award, last night addressed crowded audience of NED Engineers Association, Canada (NEDAC) refuted rumors that new leadership of Saudi Arabia is drifting from it’s core ideology of Islam; Arabs and humanity. Our stance on Palestine has not changed i.e. two states solution and peaceful existence. Due to changing technology and reduce dependence on oil, Vision 2030 focused on developing non-oil sectors; improve talent of Saudi manpower and reduce dependence on foreign manpower. Majority of Saudis support the new vision including Saudi women also extending their active role in taking care of Kingdom’s new Vision.

New visa policy is much easier and pilgrims and visitors are allowed visits to historical and other sites around Kingdom. He said Saudi Arabia is an active member of G20, presided last year’s meeting and playing an active role with Canada and other member states. He advised the audience not to believe on rumors against Saudi Arabia, rather follow authentic news channel.

Regarding relationship with Pakistan based on long term fraternal relations and cooperate in all aspects of life, they had contributed highly towards building Saudi Arabia’s Infrastructure, played professional role in banking; engineering; commerce and other important sectors. He urged Engineers and other overseas Pakistanis to work with unity and objective to improve Nation’s image, support needy people at home specially on education. Political division outside country is not healthy for the nation.

Referring to Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh, as first step, Pakistan must revive their citizenship then PRC’s self-finance scheme can be helpful to settle them. He urged Pakistan and Bangladesh to have serious meetings to solve half century old issue. In this regards OIC, MWL, UNHCR can extend logistic and financial support.

He said today it is no more Gandhi’s India. He condemned Indian official ‘humiliating statement about our beloved prophet Mohammad which is like crossing the red lines. He said although Saudi Arabia has very good relationship with India in many sectors but we can’t compromise on our belief.

Program was conducted by Engr. Jawaid Inam, started by recitation of holy Quran by Khalid Latif Javed, Introduction of Khaled Al-Maeena was presented by Engr. Syed Ehsanul Haque, convener PRC; Event was organized by renowned Pakistani Waseem Hyder who also presented special gift to Khaled Almaeena.

Other guests included Tayyab Moosani, General Secretary International Memon Association, Rizwan Anwar of PRC, renowned writer Rashid Hussain; Saleem Ullah Hussain; Engr. Ismat Kamal, Hussain Haider; Shehzad Ahmed; Karamat Ullah, Shakil Omaar; Pervez Alim, Azfar Shakil; Tanvir Ahmed; Mohammad Khalid, Mohammed Farooq, Javaid Hanif; Mobeen Ahmed; Farooq Khanani; Zubair Mati, Mir Fakhir; Arif Murad; Pervaiz Siddiqui; Fasih Azim.

Further, a delegation of Majlis-e-Mahsooreen Pakistan (PRC) led by Chairman Ehtesham-ud-Din Arshad Nizami called on Khalid Almaeena at the Hilton Hotel and appreciated their efforts in resolving the issue and requested for further cooperation. During his 10-day stay in Canada, Khalid Almaeena will preside over the launch of the book “Thousands of Revelations” by renowned journalist Latafat Siddiqui and address a reception for NED engineers. Also included are several TV interviews and meetings.

Posted by Syed Mussarat Khalil

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