Kingdom of Tomorrow Opens the Gate to Future Advancements across Several Sectors.

by: TN Media News Riyadh:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host the Kingdom of Tomorrow Exhibition and Conference, scheduled to take place from April 29 to May 4, 2024, at the Riyadh Exhibition and Conference Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia. Kingdom of Tomorrow is organized and managed by Sela, alongside the participation of several governmental entities and key local and international companies.

Kingdom of Tomorrow serves as a gateway to showcase the future, highlighting the significant efforts undertaken by the Kingdom across several sectors.

Boasting participation from over 250 companies and governmental bodies, including both local and international entities from across the globe, the event will showcase forward-thinking projects within the Kingdom and the latest industry advancements through interactive zones designed to offer visitors an immersive journey into promising opportunities across all sectors.

The conference, which has the Public Investment Fund (PIF) as its main sponsor, is strategically designed to showcase the Kingdom’s ambitious plans, innovative initiatives, and grand-scale projects intended to stimulate economic expansion, attract investments across diverse sectors, enhance quality of life, and strengthen the nation’s position on the global stage.

The conference will bring together government officials, global leaders, and a curated panel of experts and specialists to engage in discussions on key themes concerning the future from different perspectives. With over 80 speakers representing different sectors and industries, the event will also feature workshops led by professionals, offering participants the chance to cultivate new skills across various domains.

Kingdom of Tomorrow is anticipated to attract a significant number of visitors and participants from around the world, providing them with a unique opportunity to delve into the latest technologies, innovations, and new projects within the Kingdom. This initiative plays a crucial role in promoting cultural and economic exchange and fostering international cooperation across diverse domains.

Sela Company is a leading event management company, operating on a global scale and within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It organizes the most significant sports, entertainment, cultural, and economic events annually, solidifying its position as an industry leader in event management.


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