Message for Pakistani Politian’s

by: Fiza Noor Riyadh Saudi Arabia

You go sell
Yes, go
What will you get by selling?
How much money will you earn?
How many years will you eat?
After eating this wealth, how much will you gain in your life?
What do you think?
You will secretly hide all this wealth?
You couldn’t hide
Yes, they couldn’t hide
You yourself have appeared and people recognized you
That you sold yourself
And took money in exchange for the votes
These are not money are a disgrace
And its witness is the whole nation
Whenever you will leave the house
To feel this humiliation
The feet will become heavy
You will hide from people
So that no one will see you
You will put a mask on your face
You will be reluctant to meet
OK, we accepted that you have buried
your dignity in the garbage
You will also come on TV with that arrogant face of yours But think of your children
You will also make them arrogant?
And you will make your children feel ashamed your whole life!
This is a dirty deal
You will get destroyed in this deal
You will not be able to earn anything
After selling your dignity
you will be called shameless And you will make your face black.