Kit distribution ceremony for the team was organized by Falcon Cricket Club in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

BY: TN Media News, Riyadh
This ceremony was  attended by Chief Guest Nadeem Babar, CEORCA. And while expressing his views, Falken appreciated the efforts of the team and management of the club.
Team captain and founder Farhan Al Khairi thanked all the guests and team players of Falcon Cricket Club. And that the Falcon Cricket Club will give an opportunity to all those young players who want to progress with dedication and hard work. And they will try to send the youth on domestic and foreign tours and provide every opportunity by which the players can shine the name of their country and parents.
Manager and senior members of Falken Club also participated and promised to support the club in every way and continued to work with the club with their full attention and dedication.
At the end of the program, food was arranged for all the players and the management.