MEPRA Releases Groundbreaking AI Usage Guidelines for Communications Sector.

DUBAI, June 5, 2024 – The Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) has made a significant stride in the communications industry by releasing the first-ever whitepaper on AI usage guidelines. This groundbreaking document, developed by MEPRA’s AI Committee with contributions from ChatGPT, sets an essential framework for the ethical and legal application of AI in the sector.

Margaret Flanagan, Co-Founder of Tales & Heads and Head of MEPRA’s AI Committee, highlighted the importance of these guidelines. “Our goal is to optimize AI usage while protecting the integrity of the communications industry in the region. This framework ensures professionals are aware of the ethical and legal ramifications and their responsibilities to clients, media, and the public,” she stated. Flanagan also noted that as AI technology rapidly evolves, so too will these guidelines, with MEPRA committed to providing ongoing updates and practical guidance.

The whitepaper outlines eight key principles:
Be Honest and Open: Transparency with clients and stakeholders about AI use.
Be Responsible and Credible: Ensuring AI-generated content is accurate and clearly labeled.
Respect Privacy: Adhering to privacy regulations and handling sensitive information responsibly.
Get It Right: Verifying the accuracy of AI-generated content through trusted sources.
Treat Everyone Fairly: Avoiding biases and ensuring inclusivity in AI outputs.
Keep It Real: Balancing AI efficiency with human creativity and connection.
Think About People: Considering the societal impact of AI usage and maintaining ethical standards.
Keep Learning and Improving: Staying informed about AI developments and regulatory changes.
The MEPRA AI Committee, composed of industry leaders and academics, including Ibrahim Al Mutawa, Tala Abu Taha, Andrea Gissdal, Natasha Hatherall-Shaw, Henry Jakins, Professor Dahlia Mahmoud, Joseph Nalloor, Kirsty O’Connor, Neda Shelton, Professor Inka Stever, and Denise Yammine Chouity, collaborated to develop these comprehensive guidelines.

This initiative underscores MEPRA’s commitment to fostering responsible AI practices and sets a benchmark for the communications industry in the Middle East. The release of this whitepaper marks a significant milestone, reflecting a collective effort to harness AI’s potential while mitigating its risks.

As AI technology continues to transform the communications landscape, MEPRA’s proactive approach ensures that the industry remains at the forefront of ethical and innovative AI usage.


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