Difference Between Criticism & Mutiny

By: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid – Defense and Strategic Affairs Analyst, Chief Editor – Editorial & Commentary TN Media News

What is the difference between criticism and rebellion/Mutiny???
Criticism… You criticize the military’s budget, its policies, economic activities or if the military interferes in politics

There is an institution which is under discipline, its officials should be told not to obey the orders of the officers.
The officers of a nuclear-armed army should be told to disobey those orders. Isn’t it tantamount to collective suicide that everyone should decide their own Qiblah and Kaaba? Be done??? Right and wrong are decided upon one’s own interests and a disciplined institution becomes a bunch of scattered sheep.
If the PML-N says you will go with us, then you are right
If PTI says no, you will fulfil our wishes, then you are right
Is it the army or Madhuri Dixit who is busy making everyone happy instead of defence???
On Shahbaz Gill’s statement, the first PTI disapproved the statement in the first 4 days, but after that, a new statement and narrative came out, and the vanguard of this statement was the PTI journalists.
Who connected criticism, ridicule and rebellion in one necklace during the period of PTI, they started playing clips of anti-army statements by PML-N and told everyone that they were walking on the same path as of PML-N.

However, the question also arises from PTI:
During the PTI regime, when various politicians had spoken against the army in any forum other than parliament, they (Tehreek-e-Insaf) should have taken notice, they could have filed cases, why not????
Did you use their anti-army statements for your pleasure?

PML-N kept mocking the army and you kept watching, when you came to the opposition, you tried both criticism and mockery. You used all derogatory words like Meer Jaffar, Meer Sadiq, Neutrals, Animals, Haji etc.
Anti-military trends continued. The Army stood by its Commander-in-Chief and faced the challenges faced by the country without paying heed to any accusations.

When all failed, Shehbaz Gill was promoted to instigate the officers against the high command. To their bad luck, the current government took notice and legal actions were taken against him. When action was taken they came with a new narrative that PTI and journalists are trying to create that Shehbaz Gill made a mistake and should be forgiven. But why should we forgive, why should we not make an example for politicians, why should we not explain the difference between criticism and rebellion, and why should we not show the red line on which this country stands?

If inciting the army to revolt is just a mistake, then why are the jails full, they have also made a mistake.
If the terrible crime is just a mistake, then gates of jails should be open and courts doors must be closed, a society that can’t distinguish between mistake and crime then that society is mercilessly unjust and have no right to be called civilized.
If this mistake had been made by someone like Allahrakha, then the “Khan-zadas” who were getting salaries in lakhs of rupees would have considered it as a mistake or as a punishable crime.

The army is asking a question from people who claimed that they would make this country like the holy state of Madinah and from those as well who were shouting and promoting themselves as the custodians of justice, that their sacrifices deserve that disgrace (in the hands of anyone) and the division (they) tried to make between the ranks should be forgiven and ignored?
Imran Khan says in every meeting that society always goes down in which the poor are punished while the crime of the rich is not considered a crime. Are all these sayings to be recited in meetings?
When will they be implemented??
You say that if someone else does it, grind it, but if a leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf does it, it should be considered a mistake
Why don’t you amend the law and determine a separate law for Tehreek-e-Insaaf and others??
When you believe that a ‘mistake’ has been committed by Shehbaz Gill, let the court decide.
You are a nuclear power guarded by the Pakistan Army which is called steel because it is unified and operates under command and control. No Shahbaz Gill is above national integrity.

In the last I want to point out those who try to give an example of Rashid Minhas Shaheed, let me tell them that it was the time of the 1971 war when there was mutiny when there was a dirty play by our enemy India who wanted to either end Pakistan or make it weak till our last. They created Mukti Bahini, they installed hatred between brothers and sisters who used to eat on one plate previously. Indian agents polluted the minds of Bengalis and in the cloaks of Mukti Bahini sneaked in the flanks and ranks in every walk of life.

Bengalis in Pak Army were also polluted and they strived to destroy the same homeland that their forefathers created with their blood. Bengalis in the army who were following Indian orders for a separate country on the basis of nationality like Rashid Minha’s instructor, Mutiur Rehman, was an Indian instrumentalist and was working for India.

The army of Pakistan was engaged in the struggle to save Pakistan, the army was divided between East and West Pakistan, today is not 1971, there is a strong Pakistan, there is no division in the army and today you want to create Muti-ur-Rehman.
In 1971 anti-Pakistan elements were doing the same thing that is happening today by a specific political party but today they are wrong they can’t achieve what Mukti Bahini achieved in 1971.

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