Nancy’s Pelosi Visits to China undermining China’s sovereignty

About Author: Hafsa Akram is a PRCCSF Fellow at Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future, Islamabad.
On 3 August, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the Taiwan region sparked controversy all over the world. Her visits to Taiwan showed that the USA doesn’t abide by its principle and violated the Sovereignty, and integrity of China. The one china principle constitutes post World War II world order. It is clear that the USA is undermining the International order by provocating against China to keep its hegemony alive all over the world.

The one china policy is an international consensus recognized by the United Nations. In 1971, this policy was confirmed by Resolution 2759 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. This resolution settled all political, and procedural issues of China’s representation in the United Nations, it also covers the whole nation including Taiwan. The representative of the People’s republic of China is the only legitimate representative of China in the UN.

The United States adopted the one-China policy in 1979 and recognized the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as the only legitimate government of China. The United States has deliberately challenged international rules that undermine the role and standing of the United Nations in the international system and undermine the interests of the majority of nations in the international community.

If the important international rules and the spirit of international law that underpin such an international order are damaged,  major global issues will remain unresolved. Therefore, all of humanity will suffer, and the United States will never be spared. U.S. ruling classes are always ready to start another conflict by indirectly trying to provoke other countries to take action.

US empire’s imperial war Machines are where they can create more devastating conflicts with worldwide impacts not only military but also rise in food prices with fuel shortages and food shortages.

Cross-strait relations have come a long way in the last 70 years. Increased exchanges, broader cooperation, and closer exchanges have brought tangible benefits to people across the Straits, especially in Taiwan. This clearly shows that cross-strait friendship and cooperation are mutually beneficial. The volume of the China-Taiwan trade was only $46 Millions in 1978 and rose to $328.3 Billion in 2021. The PRC has been Taiwan’s largest export market for the last 21 years.

As more and more compatriots from Taiwan, especially young people, continue to study, start businesses, find jobs and live on the mainland, cross-strait exchanges, interaction, and integration in all fields, economic ties among people and personal bonds grow deeper.

It clearly shows that the United States empire is in decline. The United States knows that China is much stronger and emerged as a global power. China has built a sustainable model of development and investment which directly benefits its people. China’s economic rise and huge development should not be seen as a threat by America & West. China’s development and improvements in the lives of its people and particularly its role in international affairs should be welcomed. Nations should seek ways to work together, cooperate and collaborate on building a better future.

China’s Position is clear and consistent, the issue of Taiwan is an internal matter of China and it will be settled by the people of China on both sides of the straits. US military presence in the indo-pacific region is the US long-term strategy of containment of China and curbing its rise.

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