Nadeem akhtar honored with International rights movement

by: Taher Karamat Dammam.
to Nadeem Akhtar Chaudhry for his 27 years of service to humanity in various fields at home and abroad. It is a matter of honour for me to hold the high responsibility of this organization. It is a unique organization that raises its voice for oppressed humanity at the global level and provides practical services inside and outside the country. So I am very grateful to the World Chairman IHRM Rana Basharat Ali Khan and his Central Executive Board
Those who trusted me.

Nadeem Akhtar Chaudhry said that the selfless services of oppressed humanity will be further improved. There are serious violations of humanity in Kashmir, and Palestine, which are unacceptable. He further said that through this responsibility, he will play a role in strengthening the friendship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Nadeem Akhtar Chaudhry Ambassador International Congratulation from different countries for becoming Human Rights Movement in Saudi Arabia continues.

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