Political Game

The game that Imran Khan played was certainly played with great skill and intelligence in terms of politics which the opponents were unable to understand till the last moment.

See Imran Khan’s game plan.
When the no-confidence motion was raised, he said, “I was praying that these people would move to defeat them.” On this, the opposition and the envelope media thought that Imran Khan was killing Bluff because a dozen and a half looters were present in Sindh House. So the opposition got into easy mode.

Then Imran Khan called a meeting in Islamabad and announced a surprise. Now, once again, the opposition and the envelope community are sitting together, wondering what could be the surprise. He thinks that Imran Khan will either buy and sell as much loot as possible or will declare a direct fight with the Establishment.

During the meeting, Imran Khan took out a letter and waved it, saying that mistrust was an external conspiracy. The whole opposition and the envelope community breathed a sigh of relief. He said that it was an attempt to copy Bhutto and it would not make any difference if a letter was waved as the letter could not be opened due to the Official Secrets Act. Saleem Toffee even said that if the letter was genuine, he would quit journalism because he was sure that the letter would not be public.

The government then filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court seeking an injunction restraining looters from voting on the no-confidence motion. The Supreme Court has said that it cannot interfere in the affairs of the Assembly, however, after the voting, it will be seen whether a defection clause should be imposed on these members or not. In the fourth phase, Imran Khan announced his address to the nation. All-day long the opposition and the envelope community have been sitting on their heads wondering what Imran Khan is going to do. Rumours were spread that the speech would be recorded in the presence of the generals, otherwise, it would not be.

Then Imran Khan abruptly postponed his speech – the opposition once again felt that Khan had become weak. Then the next day suddenly Imran Khan delivered a live speech against expectations in which he not only explained the whole external conspiracy in a clear manner but also used the name of America through a slip of tongue using the excuse of live speech.

It was a trap in which the opposition came. The PML-N leadership, including Shahbaz Sharif, Bilawal, Fazlu, all started saying that we cannot accept the opposition of the US and Western countries and that we are beggars, we have no choice, whatever the US wants will happen. These statements were followed by a strong public reaction. The people became convinced that this was indeed an American conspiracy in which the opposition participated. Imran Khan’s rating suddenly skyrocketed and those who had turned against him also came out in support of him.

Imran Khan’s real masterstroke was still left. A day before his speech, Imran Khan convened a meeting of the National Security Council in which all the military leadership and civilian leadership were present. The meeting featured a letter from the Pakistani ambassador to the United States urging the removal of Imran Khan. The meeting issued a joint statement condemning foreign interference, acknowledging that the US was behind the mistrust.

On the one hand, the opposition was satisfied in every way, on the other hand, Imran Khan was telling them to wait for the last ball. Two days ago, Imran Khan nominated Sher Jhelum Fawad Chaudhry as Law Minister. Today was a vote of no confidence. As soon as the meeting started, Fawad Chaudhry said on the point order that according to the meeting and declaration of the National Security Council, this no-confidence motion is a foreign conspiracy and therefore it should be rejected.

Sher Bibar Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri acknowledged this position and rejected the no-confidence motion. As soon as it was rejected, Imran Khan dissolved the assembly and the president approved it. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly.

Now they are hoping from the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court has already ruled that the proceedings of the Assembly do not fall under its jurisdiction. But if the hearing does take place, the National Security Council’s statement will come out, along with all the secret details that will prove how American diplomats used to meet with the opposition and looters. This humiliation will never be accepted by the United States and it will not want to be known in the world as a conspiratorial country.

The point is that Imran Khan used to be an innocent person but these haraam politicians also made him clever. In this whole game, the biggest loser was the PML-N, especially Shahbaz Sharif, who called the nation a beggar and also recognized himself as an American agent !!!