Saudization of three professions to come into force from December 30th, 2022

Saudi Gazette Report RIYADH – The Subsidization of driving schools, technical engineering, customs clearance professions will come into force starting from 3oth December 2022. The Subsidization decision came within the announcement of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD), where it has revealed the localization of 20 professions and activities in several sectors, as it has created more than 378,000 jobs for job seekers during 2021.

The localization of customs clearance professions aims to raise the percentage of nationalization to 100% in the targeted professions, by targeting the localization of 2,000 jobs, which includes:
• Government Relations Officer
• General manager
• Customs clearance clerk
• Translator
• Customs Categorize
• Customs clearance broker

According to the procedural manual for the localization of the driving school’s professions, the monthly wage registered in the social insurance which is subject to subscription is required not to be less than the minimum wage of SR,000 in order for the Saudi employee to be calculated within the imposed Subsidization percentage.

It is noteworthy that the MHRSD Fund “Hadaf” has launched the “Training and Emigration Support in Driving Schools” Program, which seeks to train and qualify job seekers to practice the driving training profession and to operate 8,000 expected jobs in driving schools.

Saudiazation of technical engineering professions includes all professions classified as engineering technical professions according to the professional classification approved by the MHRSD.

The decision to Saudize the technical engineering professions apply to all private sector establishments in Saudi Arabia that employs 5 or more workers in the targeted technical engineering professions.

The Saudi technician who receives a wage of less than SR5,000 will not be calculated in the imposed localization percentage, which is one of its conditions.

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