Smear Campaign Against Pakistan Army

By: Brig (R) Haris Nawaz/ Nation/ Def/SM Campaign against Pak Army
A vibrant, politically and economically stable Pak is the only solution to a peaceful world. A concerted effort is being made to malign the Pak army through social media campaigns. These campaigns are part of a larger strategy of fifth-generation warfare, and they pose a threat to the army’s reputation, the trust of the public, and the country’s stability. To counter these campaigns, the Pak army and the govt must take a proactive approach, building stronger relationships with the public and the media, and using public relations and legal strategies to combat disinformation and propaganda being peddled by the enemies of Pak to not only destabilise the country but keep the region in a constant state of chaos to the detriment of the peace and stability of the world

Smear campaigns are a tactic used to damage the reputation of an individual, org, or cty through the spread of false or misleading info. In recent years, social media has become a common platform for such campaigns, as it allows for the rapid dissemination of info to a large audience. *If the recent trends are anything to go by it can easily be said that a concerted effort is being put toward maligning the Pak Army and its officer core*. Various Pakistani YouTube vloggers at home and abroad are seen cashing in on the trend and trying to undermine the security agencies of the cty to pacify the vested interests of enemy proxies.

One way in which social media can be used as a proxy for running a smear campaign against the armed forces is through the creation and dissemination of fake news. 2019 expose of the Indian nefarious activities unearthed by the EU DisInfo Lab screamed volumes of how the Indian authorities and intelligence agencies were heavily invested in playing the proxies in their favour under the guise of facilitating NGOs, Fake News Outlets and sites since 2005 covering 119 countries.

Another way social media can be used as a proxy for running a smear campaign against the armed forces is through online harassment and intimidation. This can involve the use of threatening or abusive language or the dissemination of personal information, such as addresses or phone numbers, to cause harm or distress.

So why would someone want to run a smear campaign against the armed forces of a country? There are a variety of potential motivations for such campaigns, including political or ideological differences, personal vendettas, or a desire to undermine the reputation of the armed forces for financial gain.

The situation in Pak is particularly serious because the country is already facing several challenges, including eco difficulties, security threats, and pol instability. The impact of social media smear campaigns can only exacerbate these problems, making it more difficult for the govt and the mil to address them effectively. Pak army and the govt need to take several steps to counter these campaigns.*

Adopted by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Defense and Strategic Affairs Analyst, Chief Editor – Editorial and Commentary TN Media News 


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