National Services of Pakistan Armed Forces

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
The role of the armed forces as a national and state institution in solving the internal and regional problems faced by the dear motherland has always been worthy of praise. On the one hand, Pakistan’s military institutions are always diligent to guard national defence, border security, and strategic interests, and on the other hand, they play a key role in solving the problems faced at the national level, including dealing with threats to internal peace. Pakistan Army, Air and naval forces of the country are engaged day and night in taking care of security issues in their respective fields. In both war and peace situations, the soldiers and officers of the Pakistan Army are engaged in one or the other mission of national service.

The forces of Pakistan are playing a very responsible and professional role in the ongoing peace missions in different regions of the world under the management of the United Nations. Armed forces and their leadership are playing an extraordinary role in the field of defence diplomacy and coordination around the world in the protection of the country’s interests. If we look at the regional issues, the Pakistan Army is the defence of this nation against all conspiracies against the CPEC project. They are giving befitting replies to the enemy. From Gwadar to Kashgar and from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan, the armed forces are playing a fundamental role in the construction, progress, completion and security of various projects under CPEC. In the region, challenges arise due to the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, terrorism threats, Kashmir issue and the nation is fully aware and recognizes the role of the Pakistan Army as the most primal and organized institution of this country in the ongoing state terrorism at LOC and Occupied Kashmir.

It is a matter of pride that the armed forces have played a leading role in any emergency and challenge at the national level since the very beginning. Census, general elections or any issue of the national level involves the help and support of the Pakistan Army. Apart from this, in any kind of emergency in the country, the armed forces stand by the side of the nation. The armed forces performed excellent services in the relief operations, reconstruction of the devastated areas and the rehabilitation of the people there in the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in the year 2008. Similarly, the devastating floods in 2010 caused terrible effects across the country, and the defence forces of Pakistan and the nation were united and worked day and night to control them and help the common citizens.

This fact is commendable in every way that the Pakistan Army has never allowed any reduction in the service of the nation on the field and stage. Even at this time Pakistan forces are playing a great role in maintaining peace and order, reconstruction and eradication of violence in Karachi, Balochistan, border areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, North and South Waziristan. After the 9/11 tragedy, the global war against terrorism launched under American leadership affected Pakistan the most after Afghanistan. Due to this dangerous front opened by America, Pakistan had to face serious problems like terrorism, drugs, illegal weapons, and refugees. This situation had harmful effects on the country’s economy and society.

In these sensitive and dangerous situations, the armed forces performed their role well for the country’s borders, internal peace and economic recovery. When the country’s political and military leadership decided to launch a decisive war against terrorism in 2014, all wings of the armed forces joined forces with law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to eradicate terrorists, extremists and their hideouts from the homeland. Pak Army forced the supporters and facilitators of terrorists to run away.

Thanks to the exemplary services of the officers and soldiers of the Pakistan Army, the life-sacrificing struggle and the indomitable determination to defend the country, the wave of terrorism in the country has almost been eradicated today. Sometimes the miscreants commit acts of hostility to peace at the behest of the enemy forces and are given a befitting reply. In the context of the services of the Pakistan Army, it will not be wrong to say that due to the proud services of the Armed forces of Pakistan rendered for peace and security within and outside the borders, air and sea and even in the cities and villages, every member of this nation is living a life of peace and leading an anxiety-free, calmer life.

Pakistan Army is busy serving the nation, defence the country, her borders, ideology and interests so the armed forces should not be involved in controversial issues of any kind, especially in the negative trends in the political field. The thought of involving should be avoided. The presence of the challenges that Pakistan is currently facing should not lead to any intellectual and practical activity that has any negative impression on the national character and identity of the armed forces. For this purpose, the country’s political leadership needs to play a particularly responsible role. There is no doubt that in the past, certain roles of the military leadership played an irresponsible role, which had serious effects on national life. It is possible that a few ex-military elements are caught in some irresponsible thinking even at this time, but this does not mean that controversial reactions should be shown against this great organisation and its leadership.

However, in the present moment, in the form of the “Fifth Generation War”, the enemy forces are opening a front against the country’s national institutions, political and democratic system, especially the armed forces. In this response, there is a need to adopt a comprehensive, unified and effective strategy for the survival of the political system at the national level, the dignity of Pakistan’s forces and the protection of national interests. Above all, a clear message should be given by all those responsible for the leadership inside and outside the country that the conspirators who conspire against the identity, role, dignity and status of the armed forces should be punished in any way. Will not be styled.

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