The latest meeting of the FPCCI, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Women’s Style, Beauty & SkinCare Committee was held on 14 October,2023 Saturday at the FPCCI Head Office Karachi.

The Meeting was chaired by the Convener of the Committee, Ms. Zehra Zahid and Deputy Convener Ms. Nighat Mehmood. Many important issues were discussed such as the current socio-economic conditions affecting the beauty/style industry as well as the taxes hindering the development of economy & Beauty business .

The Convener stressed that since the current taxes on imported products are at a staggering rate, hence it is imperative that our products be competitive with the international market so that the buyer feels confident in purchasing it locally & abroad.

H.R.H Miran Haider Suggested Strategies to generate revenue from the business associated to retailers, cottage industries and high end brands.

Attendees included S. M. Akram ( CEO Mintech Resources) ,Mr. Shaukat Jillani ( Convener FPCCI/ CEO Shaukat Jilani & Sons) Mr. Shahzad Mobin ( CEO Walkeze) , Mr. Kaleem Khan(Director Finance of AlHamza Group of Companies) Mrs. Shumaila Kaleem, Dr. Tasneem Kausar (President Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Korangi, Ms. Shamsa J Ahmed (Convener FPCCI), Cosmetic brand & Al Nasir Group CEO Nasir Hameed, Ms. Musarat Jabeen, Mr. Saeed Ahmed Saeed(Producer Director), H.R.H Prince Miran Haidar (CEO Rang Mahal), Professor S.L Dallas.

And the members of the committee for this year are Mrs. Maimoona Khurram, Ms. Sumaira Naz, Dr. Eeman Waqar Syed, Mrs. Aiman Afaque, H. H Miran Haider, Ali A. Palh Advocate, Adv. Ahmad Kamal, Chaudhry Asad Javed, Mr. Faysal Rehmani.

Various issues pertaining to hazardous elements, officially compartmentalizing several aesthetic & beauty sectors and having a governing body over them was emphasized by Dr. Tasneem Kausar, President Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Korangi. Shahzad Mobin ( CEO Walkeaze )mentioned how necessary it was and discussed various other issues pertaining to the style & fashion industry.

Convener Consumer & Public Sevices & CEO of Shaukat Jilani & Sons, Shaukat Jilani also advised on many matters concerning the current economic conditions.

Mr. S.M Akram, CEO of Mintech Resources was also present and gave information on resources & jobs available for women and men in the mineral industry.

Mr. Kaleem Khan, Director Finance-AlHamza Group of companies said that there was a need to make changes in the education sector with the syllabus and it is the need of the hour to include business / IT & banking at the school level so that they may be able to better navigate their lives.

Mr. Nasir Hameed, CEO of AlNasir Group was also present in the meeting and mentioned the importance of clear export & import policies and their accessibility.

FPCCI Convener Shamsa Javed also joined and spoke about how important it is to train women . Committee members Ms. Sumera Naz & Ms. Aiman Afaque’s Excellence Certificates were announced by the Deputy Convener of the Committee Mrs. Nighat Mehmood.

The FPCCI Women’s Style Beauty & Skincare Committee has highlighted many important issues during their present 2 year tenure. The committee has highlighted Everything from the affects of hazardous elements in skincare to budgets & tax on beauty products. An informative seminar on Carcinogenic ingredients in Skincare was held a few months ago as well

Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach someone to fish and you have fed them for a lifetime’. The Convener of the Committee Zehra Zahid & Deputy Convener Nighat Mehmood aim at executing their action plans and hope to be as successful as in the previous years. Ms. Zehra Zahid has been heading the committee as Convener in 2020, 2022 and currently in 2023.


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