92 women in Sindh’s jails facing murder charges

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
KARACHI: Ninety-two women prisoners, either convicted or under trial prisoners, are incarcerated in Sindh’s 26 jails under the charges of murder, according to the figures given in a survey. The maximum number of women prisoners belonging to a Sindh district arrested under murder charges is 12, which is from Karachi West.

The Central and South districts of Karachi have overall 18 women imprisoned under the charges of murder in different jails in Sindh. In jails 71 women are under trial prisoners facing murder charges, while other 21 have been convicted for the heinous crime of murder, the survey said.

According to figures four women in Malir district in Karachi have been convicted of murder. Moreover, 27 children from 16 to 17 years of age are incarcerated in Sindh’s jails. Apart from it, 132 prisoners of 18 years have been imprisoned in jails under charges of various offences.

According to the survey, overall 162 accused have been imprisoned in children’s jails across the province. There are 3011 prisoners in jails convicted for the heinous crime of kidnapping for ransom, the survey disclosed.

Proposed legislation to transform jails into correction centres The Sindh government in a recent session of the provincial assembly has proposed legislation, titled ‘The Sindh Prisons and Correctional facilities Bill 2019’. A bipartisan committee of the house having representation of both the treasury and opposition members was tasked with reviewing the bill and coming up with amendments to the draft bill within three weeks.

The proposed legislation meant to transform the jails into correction facilities to make the prisoners good citizens and productive members of society.

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