AR Sports Blue in Quarter-Final of Mohammed Anwar Memorial RCA Tournament

AR Sports Blue reached the final based on the NRR after playing 4 games winning 2 and losing 2 but they had the better of the NRR to qualify.  AR Sports Blue will play against Lahore Badshah who have won all their round matches and were on top of the table.

AR Sports Blue, the top batting order is in form and if they carry on to perform in the powerplay as they have been that will give them the edge as this will relieve the pressure on the other batter who can then play their own game and build on the innings.

Salman Akram and Hamzullah Khan have both scored and if they can manage the pressure to keep the runs coming, it will help Aasif Sheikh, Hameed Gul and Abubaker who are batting in the middle order and they all have been scoring runs.

In bowling it is Fahad Munir a young under 16 years along with experience bowler Nadeem Khan, Bilal Awan and Hameed Gul who take the pace attack and they are well supported by Aasif Sheikh and Abubaker spin furthermore, AR Sports Blue have Hamzullah Khan who has taken wickets with his medium pace and helped in to win match available to play a role as required.  The team also had the option to use Muhammad Mansoor with his pace as well in case any bowler is not meeting the mark.

The team is looking good with some outstanding fielding of Ahsan Ahmed, Rehat Qazi and Saad Shakir although there has been a rest for over 2 weeks it will be a good game.

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