Cattle Lumpy Skin Disease

Cattle Lumpy Skin Disease
Cattle Lumpy Skin Disease

Cattle Lumpy Skin Disease.

Reported by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid
The Aga Khan University Hospital has declared that lumpy skin disease in cattle “doesn’t cause human disease”. After a detailed study, it concluded that consuming the meat and milk of infected cattle “doesn’t transmit the infections to humans”.

In its study “Emerging Infection Alert: Lumpy Skin Disease”, the institution called for food safety and all due precautions, advising consumption of only pasteurised or well-boiled milk, and its byproducts and well-cooked meat.

In a brief supplemented by the detailed study and reference, the AKUH shared key points of its findings with the title of each area of its impact. While sharing the cause of its spread, it said that it was possibly caused by biting of insects and through contact with secretion, lesion and fomites.

The most relevant part of the study for consumers was shared under the title “Threat to Human”, under which the institution answered almost every crucial question. “Minimal to none,” said the first point of the study.

“Human disease has not been well documented. Consuming meat or milk doesn’t transmit the infection to humans,” it’s said. However, it added, in order to prevent other infections, food safety should be ensured which included consumption of only pasteurised or well-boiled milk and milk products, thorough cooking of meat, and proper washing of hands with soap and water after handling meat.

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