Elite Club KSA celebrated Eid Ul Adha through a festive community event

Report Javeria Asad Saudi Arabia – Alkhobar 
Elite Club Saudi Arabia organized an Eid night festival to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha traditionally in which a large number of women and children participated.

Elite Club Saudi Arabia is a social, welfare, literary and community organisation serving various communities in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia since 2013 in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. Various stalls were set up for women and children during this ostentatious and colourful festival and other recreational activities added more charm to the Eid festival. 

The festivity of Eid is impossible without hands full of henna. The women and girls specially applied the beautiful designs of henna. Elite kids club coordinator Faiz Ali Hassan also exhibited his first collection of digital posters and handmade greeting cards.  Event organizer and club member Shafaq Imran said the Elite Club KSA is a breath of fresh air for children and women and all the club’s activities are providing a positive and constructive environment for the community.

The club’s founder, Javeria Asad, said Elite Club Saudi Arabia provided a quality platform for women and children to enhance their social, business, educational and social skills. All the programs launched by Elite Club KSA are very useful and informative. A particular dedicated corner was arranged for the children at the festival where educational and recreational activities were conducted for their interest. The children were also given certificates and gifts by the club.

The women participating in the festival appreciated and encouraged the efforts of the club and congratulated them on celebrating Eid in a foreign country with the essence of joy and happiness.

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