Facility Management System at AMALA Construction Village

MERIDIAN has recently developed the Facility Management System of AMAALA Construction Village located at Triple Bay. AMAALA is a land and property megaproject currently under development in Saudi Arabia, managed by The Red Sea Development Company which is included in the Saudi Vision 2030. AMAALA Triple Bay is an ultra-luxury development and a part of an integrated approach to developing Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast focusing on global trade and healthy living.

Owing an extensive experience in consultancy of Facility Management, Our approach was divided into three comprehensive steps:
Information Collection
Information Compilation
Draft Preparation, Review, and Finalize

To start with, our team has studied, extract and understand all the relevant information that the client is expecting from the facility management services given in the contract document. Subsequently, each facility site has been visited and checked the existing operations were carried out to run the facility. The operations that involve any health and environmental risk were examined with great insight, and the impact of each aspect of such operations was observed in depth. Meanwhile, interviews with the relevant facility manager, supervisor, and staff members have been conducted to get an overview of the process and deficiencies that need to be improvised.

The information gathered from site visits and interviews was compiled and compared with the client’s requirements. Each and every point of the client’s conflict of interest was noted and a practical solution to it was investigated. Moreover, the information available in the best practising procedures was also compiled which added more value to our draft preparation process.

In the light of the information compiled, an initial flexible draft of each facility was prepared to address client expectations and procedures to meet those expectations; taking into consideration facility management’s existing operations, staff ease, and available resources and their capacity. The initial draft was sent to the relevant department manager or supervisor for review and suggestions, and it was revised according to the instructions of the relevant department manager or supervisor before submission to the client. Finally, the procedures were submitted to the client and raised comments have been incorporated after the discussion with the relevant department manager or supervisor.

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