PRC holds online program on Pakistan day Calls for solving issues of stranded Pakistanis; Kashmir; Rakhine Muslims etc.

By Syed Musarrat Khalil
Jeddah, 23rd March 2022: Pakistan Repatriation Council ( PRC ) last night held an online program on 82nd anniversary of Pakistan’s resolution held on 23rd March 1940 in Lahore. It was presided by PRC Convener Syed Ehsanul Haque, Chief Guest was Raja Zareen Khan leader of Jammu Kashmir Front, Other guests and speakers included Engr. Qari Mohammad Asif, Syed Musarrat Khalil, Zamurrad Khan Saifi, Mohammed Amil Usmani from Makkah, Malik Zubair from UK, Aftab Altaf Hussain, Abu Farhan Siddiqui, Major (R) Musarrat Abdul Khaliq from Pakistan, Hesham Syed from Canada, Engr. Syed Mohsin Alavi from New York.

Chief Guest Raja Zareen Khan said two nation theory came into reality on 23rd March 1940 in Lahore when thousands of Muslims under their unique and popular leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his associate gathered in which Bengal’s Fazlul Haque’s resolution for creation of separate homeland was unanimously approved. Jinnah’s bold and charismatic leadership made Pakistan a reality within seven years. He said renowned Kashmiri Leaders extended un-conditional and full support to Quaide Azam in Pakistan Movement.

He appreciated convening of OIC Conference in Islamabad and highlighting the issue of Palestine and Kashmir in its agenda. He said OIC should have included issue of Stranded Pakistanis for their safe return to Pakistan.
Aftab Altaf said that it is important that Pakistan becomes politically stable so issues like Kashmir and stranded Pakistanis can be solved. He said PRC chairman Ehteshamuddin Arshad and deputy convener Hamid Islam khan visited Lahore and Islamabad and had important meetings with leading Journalists and we should pray that it brings good result.

Abu Farhan Siddiqui gave details of MWDO activities and appealed to everyone to support stranded Pakistanis in the camps in terms of food; education and health. He said that there are students who completed Masters and employed to earn good living and impart education to others.

Malik Zubair appreciated PRC’s role in highlighting the issue of stranded Pakistanis in effort to solve it. He said Muslims of India especially of Bihar played major role in creation of Pakistan by 1947. He said that there are about 300,000 Pakistanis living in camps. He urged all participants to enhance the cause of stranded Pakistanis repatriation.

Syed Musarrat Khalil General Secretary PRC in his speech thanked all speakers, poets, journalists and participants on the event. He praised Quaide Azam’s role in creation of Pakistan in just 7 years after passing the resolution in March 1940. He urged Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi to create an organizations with mandate of Rabita Trust and secure its estimated 45 Million $ fund to organise repatriation and rehabilitation of stranded Pakistanis on priority. Amil Usmani renowned journalist presented writing of famous writer Mukhtar Masood on Pakistan in which he wrote about Pakistan movement and its leader’s role.

Ehsanul Haque said that month of March is memorable for Pakistan due to its passing resolution in 1940 as well it is sad month because on 26th March 1971 Bengali’s declared independence. He said India achieved its’ target of dismembering Pakistan; Bengalis got independence and our army later returned safely but the victims of this tragedy are those who sacrificed everything for the unity of Pakistan and later subjected to severe persecution resulting in hundreds of thousands patriots killed and rest living in camps for past half century in pathetic condition. It is unfortunate that our rulers totally abandoned them.

He referred to Shaikh Hasina’s recent statement in which she said that Government is considering some relief to them although they opted for Pakistan which still did not happen. We hope that this is full honesty rather than moving their camps from city to remote location where they will not be able to earn livelihood. He said that it is our obligation to continue our movement until stranded Pakistanis secure their Pakistani citizenship and Kashmiris get their rights of self-determination.
He presented following resolutions:

1. We condemn Indian Army’s action in occupied Kashmir for over two years. The only solution is to organise plebiscite in Kashmir according to UN Resolution. We praise OIC role in highlighting the issue of Kashmir

2. We appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan to create organisation and restart the repatriation stranded Pakistanis. To overcome the paucity of fund, suggest to implement PRC proposal of “ settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self-finance basis“. Bangladesh should also play its role in solving the issue. OIC should include in its agenda the issue of settlement of stranded Pakistanis. Pakistani High Commissioner at Dhaka should approach Bangladeshi rulers to take care of Food, Education; healthcare , life and security of quarter million Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh camps.

Function started with the recitation of holy Quran by Engr. Qari Mohammad Asif. Event was conducted by Engr. Syed Mohsin Alavi who also presented Naat.
Hesham Syed, Zamurrad Khan Saifi, Amil Usmani and Mohsin Alavi presented poems on Pakistan.

At the end Mohsin Alavi made supplication for the solidarity; integrity and prosperity of Pakistan and solving issues of Kashmiris and stranded Pakistanis. Also prayed for health of Dr. Nasseef; Engr. Iftikhar Choudhry; Dr. Ghamdi; Sher Afzal and others.

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