Qurban Ali Bhatti Appointed as Chapter Head of Aseer Region for Pakistani Executive Forum

by: TN Media News:

In a significant development, Qurban Ali Bhatti has been appointed as the Chapter Head of the Aseer Region for the Pakistani Executive Forum. This appointment comes as part of the Forum’s efforts to strengthen its presence and operations in the region.

The decision was made during a visit by Munir Ahmad Shad, the Founder and President of the Pakistani Executive Forum, to Aseer Abaha. Munir Ahmad Shad’s visit was aimed at assessing the region’s potential and engaging with local Pakistani executives to enhance collaboration and support within the community.

During his visit, Munir Ahmad Shad recognized Qurban Ali Bhatti’s contributions and leadership potential, leading to his selection as the Chapter Head for the Aseer Region. This appointment is seen as a strategic move to bolster the Forum’s activities and outreach in Aseer, ensuring that the interests of Pakistani executives in the region are effectively represented and addressed.

Qurban Ali Bhatti brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to his new role. His leadership is expected to drive initiatives that will benefit the local community of Pakistani professionals, fostering networking, professional development, and mutual support.

The Pakistani Executive Forum, under the guidance of Munir Ahmad Shad, continues to expand its chapters across various regions, aiming to create a robust network of Pakistani executives globally. The appointment of Qurban Ali Bhatti as the Chapter Head of the Aseer Region marks another milestone in the Forum’s journey towards achieving this vision.


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