The Federation FPCCI is depriving registered trade bodies and their members, Arshad Jamal

The state is being formed on the basis of the political affairs of unregistered organizations, Regulatory trade bodies should take immediate action on these measures and provide protection to registered trade bodies. Arshad Jamal

Karachi: We are deeply concerned about the disenfranchisement of priority sector-wise registered organizations and their members in FPCCI and have been expressing our concerns for the last two years. These views were expressed by Arshad Jamal, Director and Founder Member, Pakistan Customs Agents Association, in a meeting held at FPCCI.

He said that in a meeting with the members’ association, the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry had lodged its grievances against the unregistered organizations with the regulatory trade bodies but that no action would be taken on these grievances. No decision has been made, and the federation has issued several letters. He said that the present group has turned the Federation House into a political arena, which has become the center of political activities instead of supporting registered organizations but also unregistered organizations that are promoting nepotism and communalism. It is being promoted, which is creating the concept of a state within a state, which is against the rules.

Arshad Jamal slammed the Karachi Customs Agents Association, which is not registered with the Directorate of Trade Bodies and is illegally playing the role of a parallel trade in the recent FPCCI High Performance Award, for its nomination. He was targeted and said that the members of the concerned group had taken over the federation and claimed that they had a full hold on the office of trade bodies and nothing could harm them.

Arshad Jamal said that all this is a violation of the law as there is great unrest among the members and if the present committee does not take a decision, then the members have the right to take legal action to protect their rights. This is our constitutional right. There is a law and a democratic right which we will continue to enjoy with the help of the law.

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