Boots on Ground to Conquer Spain (The Muslim conquest)

The Battle of Guadalete was an important battle that led the way for the Muslim conquest of Spain.
This is the battle that caused the reign of the Muslim people over Spain, holding the country and region for centuries. It encompasses the first embarking of the Umayyad Caliphate, led by Tariq ibn Ziyad, to the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula and the decisive Battle of Guadalete against the Visigoth king, Roderic.

The Battle of Guadalete took place in 711 AD between the Berbers/Arabs/Saracens/Moors and the Goths, in which the Islamic army under Tariq conquered southern Spain.

A force of 12,000 Berbers and 300 Arab cavalries crossed the Straits of Gibraltar in 711. They were opposed by a larger Visigoth army led by King Roderic. As the battle began, much of his army, weakened by feuds within the royal family, deserted, leading to a Berber victory and the rapid Muslim conquest of most of Spain. Roderic was among the slain Christians.

After the first victory, the Muslim conquest of Spain was well underway, with the army continuing to conquer most of Spain and Portugal with little difficulty, and in fact with little opposition. By 720 Spain was largely under Muslim control.

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