Dr. Hamid Algabi, Former Secretary General Organization of Islamic Countries and Former Prime Minister of Republic of Niger received H.E. Mr. Ahmed Ali Sirohey Ambassador of Pakistan in his office.

During the meeting, they discussed various areas of bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries including the role of OIC, the Jammu & Kashmir Issue, and Palestine and Afghanistan issues.

The Ambassador of Pakistan highlighted the ongoing, devastating impact of the floods in Pakistan which resulted in more than one-third of the country being submerged in water. The Ambassador of Pakistan emphasized that Pakistan was a victim of climate change despite being minimally responsible for greenhouse emissions. Pakistan was committed to building back better and greener climate-resilient infrastructure but the scale of the calamity necessitated international support.

Dr. Hamid said Niger stood by Pakistan in natural disasters and urged the international community for continuing cooperation. He informed me that Pakistan and Niger have been enjoying close brotherly and friendly relations for a very long time. He asked the Ambassador to convey his gratitude to the government of Pakistan.

The Ambassador of Pakistan appreciated his role and personal efforts to start the OIC Contact Group on Kashmir and reiterated the affirmation of historical bonds of fraternity & amity between the peoples of Pakistan & Niger. He assured that Pakistan would keep it’s support continue for the brotherly people of the Republic of Niger.


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