Founder of PYF Raja Gulzeb Kiani met with His Excellency Ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia Mr. Ameer Khurram Rathore.

The embassy in Pakistan is trying to establish a “Community College” for Pakistani students living in Saudi Arabia. Ambassador of Pakistan

Raja Gulzeb Kayani, founder of Pakistan Youth Forum and well-known social figure of the Overseas Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia met with the newly appointed honourable Ambassador of Pakistan at the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh along with a member of PYF Advisory Board Committee Shakil Ahmed Kayani. A detailed meeting was held with Mr. Amir Khurram Rathore and other embassy officials.

In the meeting, the problems faced by overseas Pakistani youth were informed in detail and the aims and objectives of PYF were discussed. On which the Ambassador of Pakistan Ameer Khurram Rathore assured full cooperation from the embassy and liked the manifesto of PYF.

Raja Gulzeb Kayani said that we are trying our best to make Pak-Saudi relations stronger and more stable and to solve the problems faced by our youth abroad with the mutual support and guidance of the Embassy of Pakistan. Apart from providing better employment opportunities to the talented youth, students studying here can be highlighted along with education as well as skilled and entrepreneurial skills.

In this regard, a meeting will soon be held with the members of the Advisory Board and the former members of the Executive Committee. In the meeting, the educational and employment issues of overseas Pakistani youth living here were discussed.

Ambassador of Pakistan Amir Khurram Rathore liked the proposal of establishing a “Community College” and assured that, God willing, a plan will be prepared soon in this regard and a “Community College” will be established for the overseas students residing here. Apart from this, a “Job Fair” will also be organized at the Embassy of Pakistan to find talented and skilled unemployed people.

Raja Gulzeb Kayani said that PYF was officially launched on 14 August 2017. In finalizing the Pak Youth Forum, apart from the committee of executive members, an advisory board consisting of experienced, competent and senior members from the community was also formed but in view of Corona and some other reasons, activities of PYF were suspended and delayed for some time During the Corona period, the series of all possible help and guidance to our fellow Pakistanis, especially the youth continued and under the supervision and guidance of the Embassy of Pakistan, PYF continued its activities to benefit the Pakistani community with its services.

The purpose of the forum is also to provide a platform to all the youth where we can provide each other with proper guidance and problem-solving, besides adopting positive behaviour to make Pak-Saudi relations and friendship stronger and more stable as well as our country.

Strive to build and develop and be able to cooperate as much as possible. Apart from this, better suggestions can be given for the problems and solutions of our young generation who are settled here in foreign countries and relevant information can be provided for their solution.


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