Pakistani Executive Forum Karachi Chapter conducted it’s first General Body Meeting

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid General Secretary PEF Karachi Chapter
Meeting was presided by Chapter President Mr. Abu Baqar. Meeting was conducted online so that members can join easily. 11 members joined the session
Mr. Abu Baqar Karachi Chapter President opened the meeting and informed the purpose of the meeting to the members.
He informed the members their duties and what PEF is expecting from them.
He briefed;
1. Mr. Ch. Muhammad Natiq has been assigned as General Secretary of the  Karachi Chapter. He also explained his authority and responsibilities to the other members.
2. He informed Mr. Kashif Mian has been assigned the role of Treasurer. He will look after the accounting and financial side of the Chapter.
3. Mr. Khawaja Noman has been assigned the role of Head of Members Relation. He was explained the importance of the role and directed Mr. Noman to gather and convince members to join the paid membership of the forum. Mr. Noman will be coordinating with General Secretary and communicating with other members and also discussing any issues or grivences if any member have.
4. The head of Social Media responsibility has been graced on Mr. Sarfraz, one of the most energetic and social member of this forum. President briefed Mr. Sarfraz his role and it’s responsibilities. Managing forum’s social media pages will be his duty.
5. Government Affairs and affiliations will be taken care of by Mr. Altaf Bawany, a seasoned professional with years of Government agencies experience. Mr. Altaf Bawany asked about PEF affiliations and registrations with government bodies at which Mr. Abu Baqar informed him that PEF is a registered entity and he may coordinate with Mr. Ch Natiq for documentation and registration information.
6. PEF Karachi Chapter events will be managed and organized by Head of Events. This responsibility has been assigned to another vibrant member of this forum Mr. Talha Khan. Mr. Talha will coordinate with General Secretary and organize future events of PEF Karachi Chapter. He will also coordinate with other Heads to organize seminars, and events as per their sections.
7. Mr. Abdur Rahim sb will head Commerical section of the forum. He is a seasoned gentleman with tones of experience in the field. He is also a senior member of this forum
8. Since Pakistan is branded as an agricultural country so it’s one of the most important section of this forum and rich business prospect locally and internationally. This responsibility is bestowed upon none other than Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Panhwar. An institution on his own, a name and a brand in agriculture field. He will organize events with Mr. Talha on agriculture and it’s awareness
9. Mr. Iftikhar Sherwani sb will look after Manufacturing sector. He has been given the responsibilities of Head of Manufacturing. He will attract other manufacturers into this forum and use his resources to engage manufacturing industry for this forum and provide opportunities for the members of this group.
10. Head of Startups and Entreprenuer role is given to Mr. Saad Tamimi. Mr. Saad himself is a young entrepreneur himself. He will work on startups, incubations and generate ideas for the members of this forum so that they may startup a business of their own or provide them the opportunity for the incubation. Mr. Abu Baqar adviced Mr. Tamimi to attend startups and incubation event happening in near future by NIC.
11. Head of Food and Beverages responsibility has been assigned to a seasoned professional in this field. Dr. Waliullah owner of Bovichic is a brand himself in the field of food and beverages industry. He will attract new venues and businesses in his field for the members of this forum. He is open to any consultation for the members and will also organize events with coordination with Mr. Talha.
12. Banking and Financial side of the forum will be taken care of by one of the most senior member of this group Mr. Rehan Khan. He vows to facilitate this forum in his respective Field.
This session was concluded by the speech of Mr. Munir Ahmad Shad President & Founder of Pakistani Executive Forum. He briefed all members about PEF and it’s vision and mission. He also briefed the members for Gilgit Baltistan tour and opportunities it will bring.