Pakistan politics: Army makes the history of not intervening

Pakistan politics: Army makes the history of not intervening.
The decision of the Pakistan Army, first time in its history, not to intervene in politics has clearly been seen in the current political scenario.
But despite their willingness of staying away from politics and pinning the “Neutral” logo on its shoulders, some elements in the society, with negative thoughts, repeatedly kept sending signals to the army to intervene in politics and exercise its powers.

Failing in their agenda to provoke Pak Army to interfere, the anti-state elements turned their guns to the army and started defamation campaigns in just their vested interest. After a transfer of power in an hurly-burly democratic process, that went smoothly in the end, the foreign-based anti-Pakistan elements launched a defamation campaign against the Pakistan Army to which the fabrics of the story go back to India, whose mission was to make a division between Pak Army and the people of Pakistan.

This is the same Pak Army that is, at the same time, carrying two responsibilities on its shoulders; one for the protection of the people and the country, and the other one for the bodies of the martyred soldiers. Surprisingly, appeals were made to call in the army to save former Premier Imran Khan’s government, but the army kept itself away from politics!! This is not politics, this is hypocrisy.

But the conscience people of Pakistan have full confidence in their army and remember that the army sacrificed its life for the sake of this country and the way it has been working to save the nation.

Wish good luck to this nation, country and the Pak Army.