U16 Friendly match was played between TN Sports & Riyadh Maverick in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

TN Sports u16 team won the match. The TN sports team won the toss and decided to bowl 1st. Riyadh Maverick gave 152 in 19.3 overs target to TN sports.
The top scorer was Muhammad Kaif 44 bowls 61 runs with 11 fours. The 2nd was Azain 24 bowls 26 runs with one four. The 3rd was Abdul hai 14 bowls 16 runs with 3 fours.

TN Sports’ top bowler was Hasnain threw 3 overs and two wickets. Ali Diller threw 3 overs and got two wickets.

In reply, the TN Sports team achieved the target in 17 overs and the victory was taken under the TN sports team.
TN Sports team initially played very well in both openers and in 4 overs they made 50runs. After six overs they declared Hasnain Razaa as a retired out after getting 50 runs in 28 balls with 7 fours & 2 sixes. Fahad Munir accompanied him with good support of 34 runs in 27 balls with 5 fours and 1six. After the player Hasnain Raza was declared as a retired player, he was very disappointed because the wickets kept dropping one by one.
In the last ninth wicket, Fahad Zafar joined Ayan Faisal and both played amazingly and led to the victory from Riyadh Maverick so, in the end, the TN sports team won the match in 17 overs.
Fahad Zafar made 25 Runs with 3 fours, Ayan Faisal also played a part in the victory of the TN Sports team.

The top bowler of Riyadh Maverick Omar threw one over and got two wickets & Azain got 2 wickets in 3 overs.

So, initially, both teams played very well in the match showing favour of TN Sports and later on went under the hand of Riyadh Maverick but at the end of the game, the TN sports team won the game.

The Man of the match was declared to Hasnain Raza of the TN Sports team.
The Best man was declared to Kaif of Riyadh maverick.