PCB Accused of Undermining Team by Senior Pakistan Player.

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
A high-ranking player from the Pakistan cricket team has voiced concerns, alleging that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is deliberately sabotaging the team’s performance in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The player, who chose to remain unidentified, told Cricbuzz that he believes the board’s ulterior motive is to bring about changes in the team’s leadership and composition, which would allow them greater influence over key decisions.

“The board appears to be rooting against our success in the World Cup, possibly eyeing it as an opportunity to restructure and dictate the team leadership and selection,” the senior player informed Cricbuzz.

He continued, “It’s natural for teams to have internal disagreements or disputes, but we’re seasoned enough to handle these ourselves. We don’t require outside meddling.”

The player highlighted the importance of the World Cup and their collective responsibility, but expressed concern over the leaking of internal team conversations, which he believes are fueled by individuals within the PCB with personal agendas. He acknowledged that criticisms, especially from social media and ex-cricketers, have taken a toll on the team’s spirit.

The player also drew attention to the challenging conditions they are facing, including prolonged hotel stays, adverse crowd reactions, and criticism from fans and ex-cricketers. Despite their unwavering commitment to training and their goal of winning the World Cup, the player criticized the PCB for amplifying the challenges rather than offering support.

In particular, the player took issue with a recent press release from the PCB. “That PCB statement was uncalled for. If not the captain and the selector, then who should make team decisions? We’re here focused on the World Cup, but it feels like they’re more concerned with internal politics.

It raises the question: Are we competing against our opponents, or are we also battling our own board? This feels like a recurring issue, driven by their personal agendas. I’m curious to see how our chairman will face us when we return to Pakistan, given the circumstances,” the senior player remarked.


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