Comments: Public Participation in Constitutional Reforms in Uzbekistan

By: Mr Khalid Taimur Akram, Executive Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future, Islamabad.
Constitutional Reforms in Uzbekistan are at the centre of the transformation programme, initiated by President Mirziyoyev. The government adopts these constitutional reforms through an effective, thorough, and inclusive process. 

The real goal of the large-scale constitutional reforms carried out in New Uzbekistan is to realize the will and dreams of the people, ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens, and, ultimately, glorify human dignity, alleviate the burden, increase the well-being and well-being of people, embody to the principles of social justice.

The constitution is a solid foundation for realizing the people’s dream of building a social and fair New Uzbekistan, strengthening the foundation of the right of legislative initiative, by the population and voters. People are playing an important role as active participants in constitutional reforms. The analysis of opinions, initiatives, and proposals expressed by citizens at numerous meetings.

The role of the robust civil society became the cornerstone of growth for a new period in Uzbekistan. This depicts the constitutional obligation and fundamental principles such as freedom, national progress, and unity. Public participation is integral to national development. Today Uzbekistan is confidently moving along the path of building justice, honesty, emancipation, unity, and diligence for achieving future aspirations, sustainable progress, and regional cooperation.

Uzbekistan’s dynamic leadership is taking all measures to implement all reforms for robust economic development and pursue the goal of a welfare state.
In the era of globalization, digitalization, and rapidly changing life poses an increasing country is progressing modernization, strengthening peace, and stability. Well to know, the People of Uzbekistan have given good feedback on this transformation program.

It is highly appreciated the efforts of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to ensure peace and progressive development in Uzbekistan.  It is an excellent step taken by President Mirziyoyev to enhance public involvement as active participants in constitutional reforms.

Uzbekistan’s constitutional developments are consistent with the global trends of constitutional reforms.

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