The Meeting of FPCCI Central Standing Committee on Women’s Style, Beauty & Skincare was held via Zoom.

The Meeting of FPCCI ( Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry) Central Standing Committee on Women’s Style, Beauty & Skincare was held recently via Zoom link, Convened by Mrs. Zehra Zahid Faraz & Deputy Convener Mrs. Nighat Mehmood. Various matters were discussed such as; awareness of online fraud against women, suggestions for cancerous notes on creams containing carcinogenic ingredients, enforcement of the maternity benefit Act 2018 and exploring resources that can generate funding to support underprivileged women programs. Members of the Committee attended the meeting.

The members of the committee for this year are Mrs. Maimoona Khurram, Ms. Sumaira Naz, Dr. Eeman Waqar Syed, Mrs. Aiman Afaque, H. H Miran Haider, Ali A. Palh Advocate, Adv. Ahmad Kamal, Chaudhry Asad Javed, Mr. Faysal Rehmani. And honorary members are Mr. Saeed Ahmed Saeed, Mr. Munir Ahmad Shad, Anchor Mona Khan, Shehla Khowaja, Syed Afnan Waqar, Mr. Saeed Ahmed Saeed, and others.

Deputy Convener Nighat highlighted the recent fraud schemes on the internet which had affected many women online and a decision was made to highlight the problems via TV shows and print media, and other sessions so people can protect themselves. Mr. Munir Ahmad Shad offered his services where they connect businesspersons in Pakistan to Saudi Arabia through their prestigious PEF (Pakistani Executive Forum).

It was agreed that Memoona would look into ways to highlight the ‘Daycare needs’ And Dr. Eeman will be spreading awareness of cancerous ingredients in certain local creams in Pakistan to protect the masses. Mr. Ali A. Palh Advocate offered his services as legal aid to the underprivileged.

Various resources were explored that can generate funding to support underprivileged women programs that were started by the committee convener. Sumaira Naz would be looking to connect the trainees to jobs in the future as the main motto of the committee is ‘ Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach someone to fish and you have fed them for a lifetime’.

The Convener of the Committee Zehra Zahid & Deputy Convener Nighat Mehmood aim at executing their action plans and hope to be as successful as in the previous years. Ms. Zehra Zahid has been heading the committee as Convener in 2020, 2022 and currently in 2023.


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