Elleways Participated in a community event aimed at fostering women empowerment .

Elleways, a B2B business from North America, dedicated to promote women entrepreneurs worldwide, recently participated in a community event aimed at fostering women empowerment in Saudi Arabia.
The event was planned by an established entrepreneur, Ms. Shafaq Imran from Elite Club KSA, a well known social club in Saudi Arabia. It provided an opportunity for Ms Javeria Asad, Chief Operating Officer of Elleways, to introduce the company’s collaboration and engagement strategies to different well established women entrepreneurs from Arab and Asian community present in the event.
During the event, the COO of Elleways took the stage to introduce the company’s vision and objectives. She emphasized the importance of empowering women entrepreneurs and creating a supportive ecosystem for their growth. The COO speech resonated with the audience, capturing their attention and generating enthusiasm for upcoming collaborations between North American and Saudi entrepreneurs.
During the collaboration meeting, a range of topics related to women empowerment and business growth were discussed. Some of the key discussions included:
1. Overcoming Challenges: Participants shared their personal experiences and strategies for overcoming obstacles commonly faced by women entrepreneurs. Javeria Asad explained the E-commerce model of Elleways, which aims to inspire and provide practical insights to support others in their entrepreneurial journeys from one common platform.
2. Networking and Mentorship: Considering the importance of building strong networks, Javeria Asad presented the training and and mentorship opportunities that are being offered from the platform of Elleways. Participants showed their interest in Elleways training program and  shared their perspectives on the benefits of mentorship and highlighted strategies for establishing meaningful connections in the business world.
3. Marketing and Branding: The meeting also delved into effective marketing and branding strategies to help women entrepreneurs promote their businesses successfully. On behalf of Elleways, Javeria Asad shared ideas on leveraging social media, storytelling, and other marketing techniques that Elleways is using in North America to enhance visibility and attract customers.
Elleways’ presence at the event expanded its reach within the Arab and Asian community, generating increased awareness in women entrepreneurs and interest in the company’s mission and services.