Plantation at the WPCA Arena is completed, Dr. Zia Uddin.

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by: Syed Mussarat Khalil.
According to Dr. Zia Uddin, the plantation at the WPCA Arena is completed by the grace of Almighty Allah for the benefit of our players. WPCA has planted around 39 trees with proper plantation formalities. Teams are very humbly requested to water these plants as it is considered a good deed in front of Allah and in Islam. I hope, teams will take a real interest in grooming these plants as these plants will be a source of shades apart from the sponsored shades at the ground.

Please once again I would like to request once again with humbleness to avoid the throwing of the water bottles at the ground where the teams camp. Please keep the grounds clean and clear.

WPCA on behalf of teams, players and team management thanks Mr. Sohail Shah and Mr. Zubair Sunasra for their untiring efforts to plant these plants and in developing the WPCA grounds for the benefit of the players and teams. But please HELP US TO HELP YOU.

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