Has Pakistan’s elite become a burden on the country?

by: Nasir Jama
A bureaucrat friend of mine says that elites all over the world “payback” their people. But in Pakistan, it is the opposite. The elite here, be it political or administrative, military or business, believes in taking only.

I’m crazy, how long have I been writing? Since when has Pakistan’s elite class “disowned” this country? Like any good milk cow and buffalo in this country, the good days are numbered. Therefore, it is now being forced to get milk by inoculation. And the day isn’t far off when it’s immune to vaccinations, it will be handed over to a butcher.

In this kingdom of God, relief is the right of only the elite class. When they fight, they suffer. However, whether they fight or not, it is certain that the common man will never get relief.

Tell yourself. When did the elite class of this country ask you to act honestly? Don’t hit the “hand”. Don’t waste resources. Speak the truth. The smoke of truth, the ghost of honesty, the jinn of integrity, the pain of sight, and the convulsions of service, rise up in your stomach. When did they say go after the “Mulvi”, when you didn’t stop, they moulded you into your favourite people, your favourite mould?

Yes, but they controlled their software.
The benefit of this is that sometimes they give you Zia-ul-Haq. Sometimes Kayani, sometimes Nawaz Sharif, Benazir, sometimes Zardari and Imran Khan sometimes give you Justice Munir and sometimes Iftikhar Chaudhry and Saqib Nisar. Sometimes Saeed Mehdi and sometimes Fawad Hassan Fawad and Azam Khan.

Also Sehgal, sometimes Mian Mansha, sometimes Mian Abdullah, sometimes some Malik Riaz Lakhdra. Sometimes Hameed Gul gives someone a general of a perverse character like Pervez Musharraf.

According to the people of Karachi, “Give me the name, pick up the body, my brother has said.” Some are the best nationalists and some are the best Sardars and Khans. Chaudhry gives someone a Rao. To some, they sell Qudratullah Shihab and to others the deal of Mumtaz Mufti. To some, Noor Jahan, to some Mehdi Hasan, to some Attaullah Isa Khelvi, to some Mansoor Mulangi, to some Alan Faqir, to some, they sell “pulls” like Hadiqa Kayani. Singers provide legs to the headless

The elites in this country have “abundantly” everything. From One to One Ganda, One to One Sharif, Taji Khokhar to Abdul Sattar Edhi, and Tariq Jail to Hareem Shah, all kinds of brands are available. From Asif Ghafoor, Fawad Chaudhry, and Maryam Aurangzeb to Pindi Boy Sheikh Rasheed, Sharjeel Memon, and Shahbaz Gul, all kinds of interpreters are available. You will get every category from Sharif to Maha Sharif, Corrupt to Maha Corrupt from this nation. From Junejo to Yusuf Raza Gilani, all are available. Everything from the Nobel Prize to the prize-bound ones will be available.

If not, there will be no “relief”. The elite class is definitely not responsible for its lack. Nor is the elite a burden on this country. The burden on this earth, twenty-two crores, do not know, when will wisdom come.

“JB Dada,” says that this country is not OLX. Sell everyone. He taunts that 15 years have passed, and you guys don’t know when sense will come.
A Sindhi comrade of ours says that Sain, Kharchi, the opposite sex, the daughter of the grape, have been halal since the world was born. May the ship sink, of this cleric, who has made life haram with him.

So there is still time to renew your commitment. Instead of cursing the elites, be their allies. Then see how your Iqbals rise. Stop scratching. Clean the inside and then wipe as needed. Then look at the increase in grades. If you do not see your home and this country’s paradise, the old software will be updated for free. Autumn is not springing in the country. Correct your angle. I have also corrected the angle. So ignore the first two pages as nonsense. And get into the habit of thinking, seeing and understanding positively. Pardon the elites. I was lost. As this poem is.

It is found once….. That’s why I die for life.

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