Interactive session between Professor Dr. Mathew Maccarteny and the students of Department of History and Pakistan Study, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Contributed by Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram, Director, Foreign Affairs, TN Media News
On 4th July, the Department of History and Pakistan Study, University of the Punjab, Lahore, organized an informal talk with Professor Dr. Mathew Maccarteny, Senior Research, Charter Cities Institute, Washington, D.C. (Former Director of the South Asia Programme University of Oxford).

Prof. Dr. Mahboob Hussain, Chairman, Department of History, University of Punjab, Lahore took the opportunity to introduce professor Mathew while highlighting the primary purpose of holding such a discussion. Prof Mathew felt privileged to interact with the faculty and PhD scholars of the department. He talked about his academic interests and recent ongoing project on CPEC.

He stated that CPEC will likely improve Pakistan’s economic and infrastructural issues. It would bring prosperity and sustainable peace in the region. During the meeting, students were able to interact with Dr. Mathew.

They asked questions about their ongoing projects, potential sources of funding to do research in the UK etc.

In the end, Professor Dr. Mahboob Hussain thanked Dr. Mathew for sparing time for the department and hoped that the upcoming international conference to be started on 6th July 2022, would bring to light new areas of research for the students.

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