Pakistan is currently the victim of an international conspiracy.

Reported by:  Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid.
The global conspiracy to remove Imran Khan is only aimed at stopping the formation of new blocks. Pakistan has to be kept under American control because Pakistan is in a region that can change the fate of half the world. The formation of a new block and the new currency will make the dollar worthless and we have to repay the loan in dollars.

Debt repayment from worthless dollars has become a snare around the necks of the US and IMF, so it is very important to remove Imran Khan at any cost. The most dangerous conspiracy was hatched and billions of dollars were thrown to bring the conspiracy to fruition.

Pakistan is a country where you can buy people and their faith with money. Here from the clerk to the masters and the people who own owns the power corridors are ready to be sold. The plan was hatched in London and the task was assigned to Maulana, who always thrives on the United States and Israel.

The establishment is silent. It is not that they are not with the government. They are complete with the state of Pakistan. They are silent because the wolves of political interest have been exposed but they also want to know who among the establishment is involved in this conspiracy?  They will be wiped clean as soon as they will be exposed.

Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, Shahbaz Sharif, Zardari, Fazlur Rehman, and small groups have all been exposed but some people are yet to be exposed and the establishment is waiting for their exposure. Then there will be an explosion. Some senior members of the establishment may be arrested overnight.

The Establishment was looking for such a person like him. Establishment and state have spent three tireless years on China Russia Block, so how is it possible that the three-year labour can be turned upside down under the pressure of the remaining treacherous elements. This is a problem for the survival of the country.

The survival of the country & #39; s economy is at stake. The survival of the nation' s economic future is at stake. In such a situation, removing the Prime Minister is not a child' s play.

Imran Khan is not going anywhere and the no-confidence motion is not succeeding. The opposition seems to be very strong, but keep in mind that the army' s job is not only to protect the country & #39;s borders but also to protect the country's internal situation.

In today & #39;s Imran-Bajwa meeting it has been decided that the time has come to implement Operation Rad-ul-fasad. The motto of Operation Rad-ul-faced is to bring the terrorists inside the country to justice. The movement will not succeed. The nation should not watch the spectacle, keep its eyes open and see what is being played with this country.

How could a mullah who runs few madrassas, who has been defeated many times in succession, suddenly become so powerful that he would send home the prime minister of a nuclear-powered state in a few days and send a message to the world and Biden to help them?… even he is asking the world that it should not make any agreements with Imran Khan because he is not the Prime Minister of this country.

Maulana 's message was not for the world but for Russia and China not to make any agreement. What could be a greater betrayal of the country then? It &# 39; s just a race of interests. It is reported that those who violate the constitution of floor crossings will be expelled from Parliament in a few weeks.

All the institutions including the Establishment are furious at the current spectacle when Pakistan is a victim of horrible internal and international conspiracies and some anti-national elements are playing a strange spectacle in the country. This time no concessions will be made to anyone.

It’s an Open message for all. Despite all domestic and foreign conspiracies, Imran Khan is not going anywhere. The government will complete its term but considering the popularity of Imran Khan, it can be said that Imran Khan will win the election of 2023 by a landslide.

As far as I understand. Tareen Aleem Harisher Group wants to return to PTI taking advantage of the seriousness of the current situation because Imran Khan has completely ignored them because of their actions and they want to return to PTI and restore their position.

Besides, they can do no harm to either Imran Khan or Buzdar’s government. However, if the situation will get serious then Imran Khan has two options. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has been silent for a long time. He will suddenly come into any sudden or worst situation, he will become the Chief Minister and will change the whole game.

If this too fails, then it is confirmed that the Governor's Rule will be imposed by dissolving the Punjab Assembly. There is no threat to the present government because now it is not the government but the state that needs to be saved. The ugly faces of the enemy of this country will be exposed and stopped at any cost.

Yesterday it was said that the war is going to intensify and this war can be bloody. In case of internal failure, the United States can also use India. War can also be waged. In spite of Imran, the blind nation could not realize that the problem was not only Imran Khan.

The real issue is the security of Pakistan and its future. The real issue is CEPEC Gwadar. This is not the time to save Imran.
this is the time to save the country. May Allah be our supporter and helper…

Pakistan Zindabad…..
Long Live Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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