Pakistan to propose four-nation T20I Super Series, India may not accept?

Four-Nation Series

Pakistan Chairman Ramiz Raja is keen to propose a four nation T20I super Series in the next ICC meeting and possibility is that India may appose this proposal.

The proposal from Pakistan is to include the fours-nations and these are England, Australia, Pakistan and India and Pakistan to give a unique perspective  in the shorter format of the game, which will benefit all financially.

India has not shown any positive on the idea and are not so keen to take this forward or to consider due to political reason which will be the reasons for them not to take part but Ramiz Raja will talk with Sourav Ganguly his vision and a possibility of this happening is on the table.

If India votes against this proposal, Ramiz is confident that England and Australia will be in favour and this can be further discussed in the meeting of the ICC.

PCB will also propose the discontinuation of the T20I matches from bilateral series to ensure the four-nation tournament gais popularity with the possibility of high commercial benefits for all.

The concepts seems to be attractive and this will bring in good revenue for all as the interest of nations will be high so everyone will be a winner.

The ICC meeting will be held in Dubai and Ramiz Raja is confident that he will be able to discuss in details with full-members and this idea will be taken on positively.