The death of 298 Pakistani youths after the boat capsized in Greece is a very heartbreaking incident, Sajida Ahmed

FIR of more than 298 youths are registered in Allah's court against these upper classes. Chairperson, Stability of Pakistan Etihad Foundation, Sajida Ahmed
by: TN Media News:
Chairperson, Stability of Pakistan Etihad Foundation, Sajida Ahmed* deeply regretted the loss of a large number of precious human lives in the tragic accident in Greece and said that the death of 298 Pakistani youths due to the capsizing of a boat in Greece is a very heartbreaking incident.
This is a sign of extreme poverty, severe unemployment in the country. The former, current governments and the elite are responsible for this. The FIR of more than 298 youths is registered in Allah’s court against these upper classes. These were pieces of someone’s liver/heart.
In the constitution of Pakistan, it has been done to the people, but unfortunately the state is completely unable to fulfill its most important and basic responsibility. Later, they are falling into the abyss of unemployment and then they turn to Europe through secret and dangerous routes in search of employment.
It is the capitalist system, the ruling elite and the state. These thieves, hypocrites and traitors have made the country in such a state that every young person is forced to go abroad and work in another country. The decks of the boat are shown crowded with people. He said that the correct number of people on board the boat was 750, in which there were about three and a half hundred people belonging to Pakistan.
It is reported from Wazirabad, Diska etc. that about 72 people from Azad Kashmir were included, 28 of whom belonged to Kotli Khoi Ratta and 26 of them, who are said to be from the same family, lost their lives. We must do something seriously for this.
Everyone has to do something so that this does not happen again, he said that many people have sold their savings, land, house ornaments and many people have taken loans to send their children to Europe. Yes, this accident is not the first and the last accident of its kind.
Our eyes have seen many such young people falling victim to such accidents before and how many more accidents are yet to be seen. It should be provided so that no mother’s lap is lost, no spouse is separated, no child is deprived of the father’s shadow. No siblings are separated from each other, but hunger and hunger put the lives of young people at stake.
The young generation who are seeing these accidents day by day still want to escape from this depressed and troubled environment. In Europe there are no money trees. Even there you have to work hard. So, the money that is spent on losing lives by handing over these agents, invest the same money here and work hard to establish a business here and make a name for yourself in the country so that even if you want to go to Europe, you should go in a dignified and legal way.
He said that on the other hand, these so-called agents are living in this country and robbing the nation. There is no guarantee of payment, no provision for return, only money is to cover them. eat, earn and mislead the young generation by extorting money from them and causing them to be separated from their parents, siblings and family forever.
The sack bed should be round. The murder case of these youths should be prosecuted against the agents who are playing with the lives of the youths in the lust of money, so that no mother’s lap will be wasted again. Sajada Ahmed said, It is said that the state should take some burden on its shoulders so that the youth who are tired of inflation and unemployment can get some relief.
It is the duty of the state to take care of their rights. But what does the state care about them? The drivers who run the state care about grooming themselves and their generations. They don’t care what the people think and how they live. Whose job is it to make it developed, to provide opportunities, to give aid? It is the job of those who run the country, then the stones that run the country become hearts, then who should this generation look to? Sajida Ahmed said that the tragedy of the country of Pakistan.
It is that the political parties use the youth for their benefit by showing them false dreams. When time passes, the youth become helpless and helpless, so they are forced to take such a dangerous step. Some were successful, but some would have given up on life and brought doomsday on their families.
It is a pity that political issues in the country of Pakistan are called tragedies, but the biggest tragedy that this nation has faced. What is slowly happening with is that the majority of this country is made up of young people.
He is on the way to ruin because when the state cannot provide employment to its youth, they will take such risks. Investigate why the youth are running away from the country, what are the employment opportunities for millions of people in Pakistan, but all in their own way.
The state in which a person is born is responsible for the life, wealth, income, education and health of every person, but the youth of our state is forced to migrate due to unemployment and economic crisis.
The government and all its institutions together with the four provinces, tribal areas, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan should be banned through a big crackdown at the same time. The victims should be redressed to the extent possible by auctioning the property.
After such a big accident, the authorities and law enforcers should not shy away from their duties. Instead, wipe out the agents at the first opportunity. The global capitalist system, the ruling elite and the state are responsible for such heartbreaking accidents. This system has become obsolete.
Hundreds of people gathered on the tragedy of Greece and expressed regret and solidarity for the boat accident of the previous day, and also protested against the pushback policy of Greece and the European Union for refugees. Thousands of people in two different places in Athens.
While there is still silence on the death of our countrymen in Pakistan, may Allah guide us. In this hour of sorrow, all our sympathies are with the affected families.