We as a Nation, Our Elected Representatives, and Public Issues.

by: Raja Gulzeb Kiani:
A trend has been observed in the last few years that we and our innocent people mostly appear and hold various functions in which we are inviting Ministers, MPAs, MNAs, AC, DC, or other celebrities and feel proud in selfies or by taking photos especially at a wedding or in a funeral.
Let’s share selfies or photos with your Ministers, MNAs, MPAs of your constituency or other civil servants but it is better that we share these pictures or selfies with the development projects of their constituency. Take a selfie with the progress made in your constituency.

We did not vote for them only to participate in “Walima and Funerals”, but we vote for development works in our constituency. In Pakistan, tell us the condition of your district, city, tehsil, even your union council, your neighbourhood and the street coming to your house, the condition of the roads, even check the school/college near to your house, how many schools/colleges are there? How many teachers are there, how is the building of the school/college etc? Check everything, and see about your nearest hospital, are we getting the medicines and facilities provided by (the Ministry of Health) or not? Do doctors also come to the hospital or not? Is the treatment being done on time or not? Is the hospital staff working properly or not? How is the hospital building? If the medicines in the hospital are not “expired”, what is the attitude of the Assistant Commissioner or other Govt. servants in the tehsil office, the Magistrate, and the Patwari in the “patwar khana”? Are you not being asked for a bribe if you required information about your land? Are you not getting the Govt. office job done in your daily routine?

At what rate are all items being sold in your city, and who is looting in the market? Who is making illegal profits? Inform about your local Police station or “police check post” in your area and check if they are there on time or not. Are you heard in the police station or not? No police officer or subordinate staff is blackmailing you? Tell us about the bank in your area, how are the bank staff with you, and whether there is a bank in your area. Accountability, in simple words, questioning is a fundamental right of every Pakistani citizen and you should do it in every case and report it to the elected representative. If the elected representative is qualified, the action will win and then It will play an important and definite role in solving all the issues and problems in our society.
But we may be thinking that (What should we do? Let it go as it is going or why should we get involved in these problems? Who has so much time, etc.) The main reason for this is that we suffer but do not want to fight for our #fundamental_rights. All these social problems are affecting us and our future generations in a big way for the last several decades.

Let’s commit today! Not for yourself but for your future generations, leave all these animosities, hatreds, and animosities and sacrifice your ego for the sake of your region, your city, and the elected representative of our constituency belonging to any political party. Let’s all together prove to be responsible patriotic Pakistani citizens and let them solve their above daily problems keeping political affiliations aside so that they also realize and know that I have been elected from this constituency and the votes of these people and the people have brought me here today.

They have the right to reduce the problems faced by the people or use their efforts to solve these problems as much as possible, to carry out development work in their areas, they should realize that they should review all the situations before the election. What was my position, how people did day and night for me, until we make them realize their responsibility then you will only meet them at various functions and weddings or funerals and take pictures or selfies and will continue to feel joy and pride in it?

And if you don’t do these things, then in the next election, they will all come back to you again. Why did Dr. Illama Iqbal always put so much emphasis on “KHUSHI” (Self-Respect), so that we fight for our own rights, don’t tolerate the oppression and abuse of ourselves silently, but stand up and fight against them?
First, Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad.

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